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When: October 14th, 2017
Saturday, 9:00am-4:10pm

Where: Hyatt Place
650 Bakers Bridge Avenue
Franklin, TN 37067
Phone: (615) 771-8900


The Laser Boot Camp is your Opportunity to Jump-Start your Practice by Learning How to Implement Emerging Technologies in Aesthetics and the Latest Non-Invasive Approach to Treat Chronic Pain.

The wisdom of chiropractic is integrated with the use of low level laser therapy in application with conditions associated with chronic pain. This class is for the practitioner who desires to maintain the traditional application of chiropractic and to enhance the benefits achieved by applying one of the newest, most researched technological advances in the healing arts. Specific protocols and techniques for common conditions such as neck, shoulder and heel pain will be taught using laser therapy and soft tissue correction and of course the chiropractic adjustment. In addition, we’ll include in our presentation a demonstration of the Zerona®-Z6 non-invasive fat loss laser.

Topics Include:

  • Statistics involving chronic pain conditions
  • Posture and mechano-biology
  • Understanding how low level laser works
  • Current research validating low level laser therapy
  • Low level laser therapy applications in chiropractic
  • Attended and unattended applications
  • FDA Cleared Non-Invasive Laser Treatment for, Fat Lipolysis,
    Hands-on Demo


About the Speaker:

Jerome Rerucha B.S., C.S.C.S., D.C., C.H.P.S. is a practicing clinician and international speaker teaching integration of advanced clinical treatment applications and competitive strength and conditioning principles. Prior to clinical practice he was a full time strength coach, competed in powerlifting for 14 years and won a Lifetime Drug Free World Title and Best Lifter Award in 1999. Having the personal competitive lifting experience, coaching numerous types of athletes and elite strength athletes provides additional benefits when teaching his dynamic clinical applications.




9:00am-9:45am – Intro to Low Back Pain & Low Back Pain (Anatomy of Specific Diagnosis)

9:45am-10:15am – Low Back Pain Treatment Laser Demonstration (Evaluation workshop)

10:15am-11:00am – How to turn on laser and basic program function

11:00am-11:10am – Break

11:10am-11:45am – Laser Workshop

11:45am-12:35pm – Intro to Chronic Heel Pain / Plantar Fasciitis & Chronic Heel/Foot Pain (Anatomy Of Specific Diagnosis)

12:35pm-1:05pm – Work Shop Chronic Heel/Foot Pain Treatment Laser Demonstration (Evaluation workshop)

1:05pm-2:05pm – Lunch

2:05pm-2:40pm – Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain & Work Shop – Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

2:40pm-3:25pm – Basic Violet Laser Applications & Workshop

3:25pm-4:00pm – FDA Cleared Non-Invasive Laser Treatment for, Fat Lipolysis, Hands-on Demo

4:00pm-4:10pm – Final Questions and Answers


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