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Episode # 32: Building a Business through Community with Jamie Thayer and Dr. Stephaine Wautier

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Dr. Chad Woolner: What’s going on, everybody? Dr. Chad Woolner here, along with my good friend Dr. Andrew Wells. And on today’s episode of The Laser Light Show, we have the privilege of having Dr. Stephanie Wautier and Jamie Thayer with us. We are super excited to chat with them. So, let’s get to it.



Dr. Andrew Wells

Dr. Chad Woolner

Dr. Jamie Thayer

Dr. Stephanie Wautier


Dr. Chad Woolner: Growing up in Portland, Oregon, I used to love going to laser light shows at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. They would put on these amazing light shows with incredible designs synced up to some of my favorite music. From the Beatles to Pink Floyd to Jimi Hendrix and Metallica; they were awesome. Little did I know then that lasers would have such a profound effect on my life decades later. As a chiropractic physician, I have seen first-hand just how powerful laser therapy is in helping patients struggling with a wide range of health problems. As the leader in laser therapy, Erchonia has pioneered the field in obtaining 20 of the 23 total FDA clearances for therapeutic application of lasers. On this podcast, we’ll explore the science and technology and physiology behind what makes these tools so powerful. Join me as we explore low level laser therapy. I’m Dr. Chad Woolner along with my good friend Dr. Andrew Wells and welcome to The Laser Light Show. 


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Dr. Chad Woolner: Alright, welcome to the show everyone, and a special welcome to Dr. Stephanie and Jamie Thayer. Thank you guys so much for being here.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: Thanks for having us. We’re very excited to be on the podcast. Yes.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So we obviously have met Jamie before; she’s been a guest with us. Amazing. We had such a fun time with you. This is our first time meeting Dr. Stephanie thanks for being here.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: Thank you so much. You know, it’s funny, I knew that Jamie had been on your podcast before. And I said I don’t know if people really know who she is. Right. We know her expertise. And we know how amazing she is. Some people might know her from this Arona Glow Your Business page. But I said, “Jamie, please let me tell people who you are. Jamie and I are actually co-owners of Glow Sculpting Spa. I am a chiropractor and own my own clinic, which is called Watch Your Wellness Chiropractic and Massage. But we have both businesses in one lovely, beautiful building. And, you know, Jamie, by education, she’s an exercise physiologist. She’s a medical laser specialist. She also owns an Anytime Fitness franchise in Harvey, Michigan. So she’s worked in this personal training and medical wellness industry since 1994. 


Dr. Andrew Wells: She was four years old when she started actually – she was a prodigy.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: And, you know, she’s worked with organizations like the US powerlifting team. She’s also USA W and NCSA certified in our community. She’s a radio host, and she’s also a social media influencer. I mean, I could just talk and talk. I mean, she’s an innovator. She’s a developer, she’s a strategist, she is a marketing genius. And you know, she’s partnered with Erchonia to do that, that Facebook page, that Glow Your Business. And I just wanted people to kind of know a little bit about, like, how we got to know each other, how we partnered, she has amazing things to say and share. But I wanted everybody to kind of know who she was, and where she came from. 


Dr. Chad Woolner: Jamie is amazing. You know, when we first got ours and Rona. She was so helpful, friendly and kind to my wife, Amber, who is running that side of the business for us. And so Amber reached out to her, and she was always just so willing and eager to help. And so it’s, she’s a sweetheart, okay, you guys are just way too just gushing.


Jamie Thayer: honestly, I didn’t pay for this. And I’m happy to help. And of course, Dr. Steph is absolutely amazing. And it was actually like a major godsend in you know, Angel in my life about 12 years ago.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So, you know, good business partnerships are not a terribly common find. And so when they do occur, you can sense that. And so it’s obvious that there’s a great deal of mutual respect that’s there between you two, which probably accounts to a large extent as to why you guys have had the success you’ve had in your business we said this like so many times, if it’s one of my favorites, it’s an old African proverb that said if you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far go together. And such a really, true concept. And so it’s neat to see when I’ve been really fortunate and lucky in my life to have some amazing business partnerships. Business partnerships are not unlike in fact they’re almost exactly like marriage. Right? You know, you probably spend more time in your business as sick and twisted as that is you know in terms of the way things go you spend more time with your business partners everybody always jokes the Andrews, my business wife.


Dr. Andrew Wells: You know, you’re my business wife. We argue about this. So the funny thing is Dr. Stephanie gave Jamie a glowing introduction. And obviously, you guys are business partners and best friends and Chad is my business partner and one of my best friends. However, every morning when I wake up, he goes, What’s up, dummy? What do you do? My wife’s like you guys talk to each other? It’s more of a deer. Yeah, we have a great deal of love for each other. We call each other dummy and stupid. It’s some reason it makes our day better and brighter. Got the other ones? To do that. I don’t think we’re gonna do that behind.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: the word that’s thrown around once in a while like, hey. We are very honest with each other. Hey, that’s sometimes brutally honest. Yeah, it’s good.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So Dr. Stephanie, where did you go to school.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: I went to Palmer in Davenport, Iowa.


Dr. Chad Woolner: That’s where Dr. Andrews.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: Oh, seven one. Okay,


Dr. Andrew Wells: So yeah, you were a little bit before I started in Oh, seven, I think okay. So we might have just passed each other. That’s great. Yeah. Hello, friend. Hello.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So how did you two meet?


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Can I tell the story? Sure. She gets a little embarrassed sometimes about this great story because she’s humble. And so it was about 12 years ago, I was having a lot of issues with my lumbar spine. I had seen physical therapists, orthopedic doctors, and interventional radiologists, I had every sort of intervention that way. rhizotomy nerve blocks, the whole gamut. And I was on a whole list of pain meds, including some you know, like Neurontin that had me forgetting things. I carried a little notepad with me at all times, so I could record things that I should not, like, forget. And then I started having issues where I was starting to kind of like, well peed my pants. And I felt so frustrated because, you know, this interventional radiology, you know, when I said, I think I need to see, you know, someone else, they wanted to continue. And then I’m, I knew something was greatly wrong. And I didn’t have a ton of experience with chiropractic care. And I was at that time managing a gym. This is previous to when I bought my Anytime Fitness. And her practice was down the road. So I walked in one day and spoke to her office manager and said, I don’t know, can she help me? And she said, Well, that’s a book first, you know, consultation. After ordering the X-rays, and going through that, my first appointment with Dr. Steph, she sat me down and politely said in her very sweet voice. I’m not going to adjust to you today. And here’s why. And I think you need to see a neurologist. And it was shocking, but I felt okay, this woman is finally taking me seriously and doesn’t just want to shuffle me around or give me more meds. And so she asked me if she could, you know, process a referral request to a local neurology department at the local hospital. And the fact that for one, they took her so seriously that within about 48 hours, the nurse from that department called me and scheduled an appointment. I met with a neurologist. They ordered an MRI and I was in surgery in a week with a multi-level spinal fusion. Wow. Yep. So not only did she refer to me but I thought she was incredibly ethical. She checked on me during the process.


Dr. Chad Woolner: What was the official diagnosis? I’m just curious. spondylolisthesis bottle, okay. Wow,


Dr. Jamie Thayer: yeah. And I end up with a three-level fusion. They went anterior. I was in the hospital for about five days. And then the road of recovery was pretty intense after that, but Dr. Steph and her office manager Val who’s amazing also, I mean, they brought me magazines over, they brought me little treats, they checked on me, I just felt like who are these people? And so really, I mean, as I said, the sheer ethical response and like the care that she took was just mind-blowing.


 Dr. Chad Woolner: They drilled into us in chiropractic college, something that I think this is such a beautiful story because it illustrates because these are not the types of cases that come in through the door every week, you know, in fact, these are pretty rare, but this is the point. They said that the sign of a good chiropractor isn’t just when the chiropractor knows when to adjust, but rather when not to adjust. And this is exactly what I guarantee you there probably would have been plenty of other docs no offense to anybody else. But just truth be told, who wouldn’t have bothered to have taken the time to evaluate? And would have been fine to just and maybe that wouldn’t have done any, maybe it wouldn’t have. But the point being is, the fact is that you had somebody who cared enough to do a thorough evaluation to find some significant issues there and then get you the help that you needed. Speaks volumes. So absolutely.


 Dr. Jamie Thayer: So she stuck with me for life. You know, I think I actually was like, we need to go out for coffee. Like once I can drive and we need to go out for coffee. And we did and we’ve just become really fast friends. And yeah, she’s my family now.


 Dr. Chad Woolner: It’s amazing. So the question is, who introduced them to Erchonia Lasers? That’s the question.


 Dr. Stephanie Wautier: Well, you know, here’s another thing we’re like, let’s catch up. Let’s catch up, you know, and we went to lunch, and I had already had the FX and the ERL in my very, like musculoskeletal chiropractic practice.


 Dr. Jamie Thayer: Can I just interject here? Sure. So before this happened, I was actually scheduled for another surgery. Because you know, once you have a spinal fusion, it’s very typical to have issues further up, and you had just purchased the FX 635. And I came in and started getting lasered and I still have not had that surgery.


 Dr. Chad Woolner: How shortly after the surgery, were you getting lasered?


Dr. Jamie Thayer:  It was actually I had the surgery scheduled? And I canceled it.


Dr. Chad Woolner: I mean, the initial one, how long after the initial one was?


Dr. Jamie Thayer:  This would have been like seven years? Oh, okay.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So would have been a while it was totally different.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: It was just further up. Okay. And because you had this FX 635, and I’d come in for that. So that’s another side note, too. And I guess, you know, that’s kind of, I mean, I guess thinking about it and speaking about it out loud. Now, I mean, that’s pretty remarkable.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So that is huge. Because I can’t tell you the number of patients over the years that we’ve, I mean, there’s a reason why there’s an ICD 10 code for Failed Back Syndrome, you know, in terms of that, and so it’s one of those things where I’m not saying that there’s never a time and a place for surgery case in point, you know, what I mean, sometimes are, but the problem too, is, is exactly that, once you open kind of Pandora’s box. And most ethical doctors recognize that back surgery on that level does not have a solid track record in terms of outcomes.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: About a third get better. Yeah, a third gets worse, and a third may have no change. And that’s what the neurologist disclosed. So really, since then, chiropractic care from Dr. Steph, which is kind of RAD when your business partner slash bestie can help you without an appointment. And, the laser has really kept me going. I mean, really, so you know, and not to interrupt you. But when she came to me with the idea of the Zerona, and it was from the same company, and, you know, understanding me you know, the background of like exercise physiology, and, you know, as a trainer, and yadda I thought, okay, if this does half of what you’re saying it does, yeah, I’m on board. Yeah, I’m in.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: And originally, I wanted her to have it in her gym. I was like, You know what, I don’t know if I have the capacity for this. I don’t know if I can integrate this into my practice. So what about having it in the gym, and then we started looking for buildings? And then we now have a beautiful 3000 square foot suite that has both the chiropractic office and the laser Med Spa.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: That’s amazing. We actually have nine lasers now. So we do like a lot of photo thermolite aesthetic services. And we grew. I mean, we both have, again, not to like giving away our age, but we both have been consumers of medical esthetics services for some time. So this was an interest and it worked.


Dr. Chad Woolner: in this business. Is it just the two of you like that? I mean, you have a team that works with you, but in terms of it, it’s your two owners, right? Yeah. Okay.


 Dr. Jamie Thayer: But we have a satellite location that my sister Jennifer nurse Jennifer runs, she’s an RN, fantastic. She was one of the, you know, healthcare providers that the mass exodus after being burned, totally burnt out.


Dr. Chad Woolner: We heard COVID We heard the coolest story today from Dr. Chris Bromley and I don’t know if we mentioned this on the podcast.


Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah, why not? I don’t think he would care. I don’t think he needs this actually needs to be.


Dr. Chad Woolner: I know we need to have him on the podcast again. So you know Chris Bromley right? He’s a podiatrist. He was fired in New York. So Originally, they told him, Hey, we want you to get the vaccine. And he’s like, I’ve already had it. I have the antibodies. No, thank you politely and they’re like, No. And they’re like, well, then you’re going to quit. And he says, No, I’m not going to quit. You guys are gonna have to fire me. And so they are in New York, and they fired him. And he’s like, and he said, he’s like, turning around to all the other doctors who are like sitting there silent. And he’s like, why are you guys silent about this? He says, You guys are being cowards. You know, this is not right. You know, and, so they wound up firing him, and then they sent him a letter.


Dr. Andrew Wells: it was a letter that they’re gonna send to like their 75,000 patients saying Dr. Bromley is no longer with us. He’s decided to leave the practice. And he said, No, that’s not what happened. You’re gonna put in here that I was fired because I didn’t get the vaccination. And they put that in the letter and sent it out to 75,000 patients. Not long after that, they sent him a letter in the mail saying, hey, they’re gonna give you a severance package and gave him some money. But in return, you’re gonna sign this 12-page document saying that you agree not to sue us down the road for firing and he goes, well I’m not gonna say the idea. Yeah, he goes, I’ve never even considered that I could sue you for that. But that’s exactly what I’m going to do waking a sleeping bag. I’m just gonna. He’s like I’m gonna wait till the time is right and then I’m going to sue you guys. And that’s what he’s going to do. And we’re like, hell yeah.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So basically what happened and you guys know in New York, they’ve reversed everything now to where they have to hire back and they have to pay back all these people. So it’s rightfully so no doubt, right? Yeah, so anyways, it’s real. 

Dr. Andrew Wells: How come we don’t force Zerona treatments. That’d be great, wouldn’t it? You are you’re gonna go in and get 10 sessions or you’re gonna pay.


Dr. Chad Woolner: 10 Zerona sessions or you’re fired?


Dr. Jamie Thayer: The ironic thing too is and again not to get into a whole thing but during the shutdowns I mean in Michigan gyms were shut down the longest and a fun fact and again, this is a this is one of those things where you’re like what in Michigan strip clubs open before gyms and right in my gym.


Dr. Chad Woolner: essential services Jamie come on.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: happens to be in a strip mall next to a McDonald’s and my whole team came in and we did it work BS and we painted and refinished floors and all that but to watch this incessant, like, endless line through the McDonald’s drive-thru as we’re, you know.


Dr. Chad Woolner: I’m envisioning I’m envisioning like those you know, those like trash picker-upper thingies with the you know, the little gripper hands that are like, you know, three feet long or whatever, that’s at the strip clubs. They were social distancing with those with their dollar bras that they were.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: We call those granny grabbers.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: No, we’re going off-road here.


Dr. Chad Woolner: This is off the rails is not gonna like this


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Real talk, right?


Dr. Chad Woolner: So yeah, anyways, that is a little wild, though. You know, that is a little wild to think


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Parodies are complete Oh, man messed up.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Yeah, we were at a mastermind meeting in Florida? Where was that one with Ian?


Dr. Andrew Wells:  No, that was in Park City. Oh, that was in Park City.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Yeah. What’s his name? He was the gym owner in New Jersey that refused to shut down. And stood his ground and the stories he shared were believable, and unreal. I mean, what he went through and what he wound up like having to sleep at the gym because otherwise, they were going to board it up.


Dr. Andrew Wells: They let her lock his door. So he removed the doors. And so he’s like, No, I don’t have any doors. I’m gonna have to sleep there. So no one robs the place at night. And he did that for I think a long period of time. And he kept operating.


Dr. Chad Woolner: You know, the thing I’ve said throughout all of this is history is going to be so favorable to people like him, and so not on the side of the tyrants. I mean, it really.


Dr. Andrew Wells: I think, too, and we’re like, why are we talking about all this? And I think the reason we’re talking about some of this stuff is when we had you on our first podcast episode, Chad and I were a little bit blown away by how you’re using lasers, lasers in a really innovative way. We had no idea, like, you were laughing actually, before the episode. Like we didn’t realize you’d use lasers for all these different things. And then here comes Jamie Thayer and like, oh, yeah, by the way, we use it for tattoos.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: 48 hours.


Dr. Andrew Wells: What the heck like what else can you do with lasers?  So yeah, so your podcast episodes of the previous one and this one? Yeah, we do go off-road a little bit, but that’s okay. Sounds good.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Sorry. That’s, that’s honestly, these are the episodes that I really enjoy. Because you just get to explore a little bit more and that’s why I look forward to having recurring guests because we get to kind of dive deeper into some of it.


Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah. And it just goes back to you know, why is this relevant to your inner Erchonia podcast is we’re talking about, at the end of the day, we’re talking about light. Yeah, right, like light therapy, what can you do with light therapy? Why is it good for the body? What are the different applications for it? As we kind of went down the rabbit hole of conventional healthcare and COVID. And that whole, you know, crazy issue. I think most healthcare providers got so sidetracked. I mean, we’re, I don’t think we actually were going off-road, if you look at conventional medicine, they went way off-road with that. And the cool thing is, I think, now that we’re seeing, you know, the benefit of this is it kind of snaps back, and we’re rebounding here, as people are actually looking for offices like yours and clinics like yours, and forward-thinking providers that are doing things in a unique way to build health and build the immune system and, and solve back pain in a way that doesn’t require surgery. And now, you know, we talked about tattoo removal or the healing of tattoos and your unique.


Dr. Chad Woolner:  We had a meeting yesterday, briefly with another doc that we’ve worked with. And one of the concepts that just kind of, we stumbled into in this conversation with him was the past two years, what we’ve seen is have created a massive leadership vacuum. And so clinics and individuals and businesses who stood for something, and when I say stood for something, I don’t mean, because because there’s like a spectrum, right? There are those people who were like, complicit with insanity, which is like, not good. And then you have people who were just kind of silent with the complicit or you know, that were silent with the insanity. And then you had kind of the middle ground where there were people who were like, This is not right. And if they had the opportunity to stand for what was right, they stood for what was right. And then you have people who are leading and proactively in their communities doing things like you guys, and then you have people who are like, just ready to put their necks on the line. And I have all the respect for like, Chris Bromley.


Dr. Andrew Wells: Totally. I’ll be fired. Yeah, scary.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: totally. The doors office.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Wow. Yeah. And so and so my questions slash comments. I don’t know if this is gonna be a question or a comment. I kind of sort of did you see, have you seen over the past two years? A, an increase in patient retention, patient loyalty, patient numbers, just in general and client-patient slash client, right? People, as a result of you guys not wavering and kind of sticking with kind of you guys kind of maintained a certain sense of stability in the community and leadership? Do you agree with that?


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: Definitely. I actually stayed open during COVID. And we had those very specific rules like you can only see emergency clients, and this is what stipulates an emergency. And I covered for two other chiropractors who didn’t want to stay open during that time. And, you know, now I’m, like, not accepting new patients. And I mean, I think that word of mouth is really big in our community.


Dr. Chad Woolner: And how if you don’t mind me asking, I don’t I hope I don’t cause any problems. However, the doctors who closed down okay? are they struggling?


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: One of them is struggling. Yeah.


Dr. Chad Woolner: And I don’t have any offense whatsoever, But again, that kind of illustrates my point that I think now people more than ever, having come out of that are looking for leaders, true leaders more than ever before. And again, no offense whatsoever. But Doctors who closed, you missed a really incredible opportunity to be that leader that not only people want, but they need people again.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Yes you’re like you were a beacon during this time.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: And, I had the amazing opportunity to spend a little more time with people because I was the only one in the office. Yeah, and I didn’t have my full wellness schedule, which is really packed. So I sort of had this like a little bit more leisurely time. And, you know, that’s when that like emotional and physical component is so tightened together, you know, so people are, you know, they’re literally crying on your shoulder, they are literally, you know, sort of sharing things that maybe they wouldn’t have in my shorter, like sort of more natural wellness visits.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Well, and now you have so many patients that we need a laser to clone you. Yeah, essentially. Yes. And you know, as far as the Med Spa side of it, during the closures, just to keep myself busy, I’m a little bit hyperactive. So I would, you know, I can only file so much for Doctor stuff and come in and clean the office and do things like that, but I leveled up and doubled down on training. So additional licensing that I would not have thought I had time to take out of my life and go, you know, to Arizona. That’s where I went for this aesthetic training, additional aesthetic training, but I went a month at a time, there’s no way I could have done that in a normal circumstance. So it’s like making lemonade. You know.


Dr. Chad Woolner:  It’s super inspiring for people to hear that right? Because you could have totally taken the approach of like, you know, like the fetal position in the corner of the thumb in the mouth, you know, like, which is totally understandable.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: You know, disclosure, the first two weeks of the shutdowns I bought an air fryer and started deep frying Oreos with the air fryer. With the intention of it being so healthy, I can make those crispy Brussels sprouts. No, I really figured out how to deep-fry Oreos.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Not deep fry air fryer.


Dr. Andrew Wells: You need to eat while you’re watching the prices. Right?


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Right, I need to find out who was the dad on Maury and all that so. So really the first two weeks within it was like, Okay, we need to get a grip here and be productive and figure out what is within our control. Yeah. And that’s how we proceeded.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: I mean, this is the epitome of Jamie. I mean, there’s nothing that’s gonna get her down. Nothing. Like no thing on this earth. She’s gonna make a way she’s gonna be creative. I mean, yeah, she’s an innovator. Nothing will stop her. Like, that’s incredible.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So speaking of innovation, what are some cool new things? Are there some cool new things with the lasers that you’re using? Like, because for a recap, for those listening? In the previous episode, Andrew kind of mentioned it briefly. But one of the cool things that Jamie had brought up with us is that they had found this kind of really stumbled across. That fair way to say it stumbled across this really cool niche of helping people who had gotten tattoos to help with the post-tattoo pain and or healing. Absolutely something other any other new niches that you’ve discovered innovations or other cool stories.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: I mean, we’ve also treated the FX 635. People’s incisions from having, you know, plant we see a lot of people who have had plastic surgery as well, whether it’s breast augmentation, you know, nose jobs, things like that, which they do tell us about because we’re a med spa, you know, I see them on the Med Spa side. So we’ve you know, of course, and just like any surgery incision, that’s not a new way to treat, but I feel like people are finding that they feel safe disclosing that, which plastic surgery is still kind of like the dirty little secret that you know, I mean, you see, there’s hotels next to plastic surgery centers that people just go into hiding even after. And so it’s that aspect too. But you know, we’re just continuing to build on those partnerships we have. And that’s one little facet because we do tattoo removal, as well with lasers, not these lasers, but we do tattoo removal. So we have these partnerships with tattoo shops. So we already know, and it’s easy to establish that you introduce yourself. But this is and I was speaking with someone yesterday, another doc, and elsewhere that, you know, the way we really built this up is we went in. We introduced ourselves, we gave them a little spiel on what the laser does. And we invited them in to get a free session. Because tattoo artists seem to be getting tattooed. All the time. Yeah, so we invited them and no strings attached came in, they were amazed because immediately the pain was relieved. And I know you guys don’t have tattoos, but maybe you should run a little experiment. Because if you hate it, come to Michigan, I’ll remove it. But really, you know, just see it to believe it right? Because this is a different dichotomy of thinking of care solutions. And, you know, just to experience it firsthand. So we found immediate pain relief and well within 48 hours, the tattoo was 90% healed. That’s amazing. So for them, at least tattoo artists benefit them and explain it and demonstrate how it benefits them. And the ways are, you know, attached to you typically takes about two weeks to heal and during that time it can be infected. It can be scratched up, picked up, or poked at people can totally destroy their tattoo. Okay, so on the flip side, someone’s tattoo is almost completely healed within that 48-hour time with 120-minute pain protocol effects. And on the other side, too, is what if someone has a large piece they’re working on and this tattoo artist is saying okay, I’ll see you in six months. I’ll see you now here and there and these people are never coming back because it was a good idea. They had the money right then but then they did an all-day set which now our area is about $1,500, they might need two more that’s booked way out. You know, it’s like one of those things where it’s like, Oh, I’ll get to it eventually, five years later, they’re like, Oh, I still haven’t gotten this tattoo fixed or finished. So these artists can do a faster turnaround. So when that person is motivated and ready, they can book them a week apart and finish this larger piece. So it’s a higher ROI for the tattoo artists too, you know, since so, but it’s about establishing, here’s how it’s going to benefit you and come in and do it for free. I believe in it so much that they can come in for free.


Dr. Chad Woolner: What percentage would you say are coming in for a post? Or post-surgery versus tattoo?


Dr. Jamie Thayer: More tattoos?


Dr. Chad Woolner: More tattoos, significantly more people?


Dr. Jamie Thayer: I mean, 28% of the population in the United States has at least one tattoo?


Dr. Chad Woolner: I think to maybe your state I’m cuz I’m thinking the minute youth started saying plastic surgery, and it’s the hidden thing. I don’t know if I’m right or not. I have in my head the opinion of which state per capita has the most plastic surgery. Again, I know I was just gonna say Michigan does not strike me as capital. Do you know?


Dr. Andrew Wells: We’re in Florida right now. It’s either Florida or California. Or maybe per capita.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Like Arizona to Scottsdale is?


Dr. Chad Woolner:  I’m gonna say, I think it’s Utah. Really? Oh, I think it is, well, because Andrew has been trying to get Amber and I to watch what we’ve watched, like, I think the first two or three episodes of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake. Oh, yeah.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Human. brain cancer.


Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah, that’s right. My wife and I love that show.


Dr. Chad Woolner: I know he’s, well, he’s always telling me. So we’re members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And so he’s always informing me about new things. He’s learning about our church, through the Real Housewives of Salt Lake, which is like, exactly where you want people to learn about.


Dr. Andrew Wells: That’s where I get all my relevant information. Everything. So anything on Bravo, bravo is pretty much real.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So yeah. Anyways, sorry, again, we’re going down this rabbit hole. But the point is I was the reason why I’m thinking this is because, you know, cosmetic surgery numbers, where are they going to be? I would have to imagine Florida, California, Arizona, and Utah, are probably going to be really prime opportunities for dogs who could position themselves in that way, in that unique way.


Dr. Andrew Wells: You know, when I think of med spas, I don’t think of the UP at all. And you guys are in the Upper Peninsula. And I find it funny too, that most people don’t know that there is an upper peninsula of Michigan. Truly, they don’t know that, right? And so maybe, you guys can talk to me because I know that Doctors will say, I know you guys do well with your clinic and have done a really good job from a financial standpoint in building your clinic, which is fantastic. And I want you to talk about that. And I think sometimes Docs will naively think well, okay, that’s because there’s nobody else in the UP that does anything like that. And it’s not true.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: right? In our town. We have three other med spas. Yeah. So with Zerona, and Emerald, what we have at our clinics, we’re competing with UL therapy, and two places with CoolSculpting.


Dr. Chad Woolner: The thing that you’ll find in meeting Jamie, and this is my first time actually in-person meeting Stephanie. So I’m assuming the company you keep there’s probably going to be some overlap and similarity there. But the one thing you will notice, that’s obvious, is that success leaves clues, they say, right? And so when you meet Stephanie, it’s very obvious. She’s got a very energetic personality. And I mean that in the best way possible. And it’s very obvious, she’s a go-getter like she’s the type where she’s a very determined person. And I would assume that has served you very well, in terms of your success that you’re very much You strike me and we’re and we’re us as the type of person where when you set your mind to something like okay, I’m going to do this thing. And like, come hell or high water, you’re going to do that thing. You know what I mean?


Dr. Jamie Thayer:  Dr.Steph and I both have a twin personality like that. Yeah. So watch. Yeah.


Dr. Chad Woolner: And so that’s part of it.


Dr. Andrew Wells: And maybe this is the point is yes. Alright. Well, I just got my Erchonia laser, and everybody surely knows how great Erchonia lasers are. So I bought the thing now everybody should start flocking into our clinic and start getting these amazing therapies. But maybe you guys can talk about how you’re really promoting, not just laser therapy, but just promoting your clinic and maybe some of the crossover between the med spa and the chiropractic part and how you’re really making that work.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: Well, Jamie is really a salesperson. I’m not so great at sales. You I’m sort of a little bit more of an academic and maybe more of a healer and maybe not as bold or confident as Jamie is. That’s a good thing. Sure. It’s a good thing. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. But, you know, Jamie has really developed systems. She, as I mean, most people probably not, she’s like a social media Maven. I mean, we could all learn from her. But she’s really perfected the systems perfected consultations and perfected closing the sale. And she’s really developed things that I like, never could have. Absolutely never could have.


Dr. Andrew Wells: And on that subject, I think that’s important to have in your clinic. But would you say it’s more of a system, you’re a product of systems are more a product of just the fact that Jamie can sell stuff. Or is it a combination of both.


Dr. Stephanie Wautier: systems that she has created,


Dr. Andrew Wells: I think more doc Stephanie is like you like I’m a healer, I’m an academic, I’m a doctor, I’m a chiropractor, I’m not a salesperson.


Dr. Chad Woolner: What we’re trying to do here is dissect this for the value and benefit of the doctors, because it’s really easy to get caught up in the trap of thinking, Oh, they’re amazing, they can do it. That’s not me, you know, and so and then all of a sudden create this massive discrepancy, because what we’re trying to do, and hopefully, this isn’t like too tall of an order for this podcast, in terms of we’re trying to do everything for everyone. But we’re trying to help practitioners who are listening to this podcast understand and dissect the kind of secrets that, if you will, are the steps to success. From a business not just a clinical standpoint, obviously, clinical outcomes, but from a business standpoint as well. Because ultimately, what that means is, they’re going to be able to help more people, right? You’re not You’re not doing your community any favors by investing in an intercolonial laser, and then letting it just sit and collect dust, which I’m confident unfortunately does happen for some docs because they know exactly what interested them I naively assume. But I got this thing. It’s amazing. Listen, The Laser Light Show says it’s amazing. So, therefore, we should see, you know, if you buy it, they will come. Then it’s the house. Yes. And so and so the whole idea that Andrew was kind of honing in on was Not to disparage Jamie or Stephanie in any way, shape, or form. But it’s not that you’re just this gifted, unique person, although you both are gifted and unique. It’s the systems that were developed, it’s the men, it’s the mindset of determining that I am going to succeed with this thing. Therefore, I am going to take steps, you know, and in terms of the steps, nothing out of the ordinary in terms of what other doctors aren’t capable of doing. Any doctor is capable of doing this. It’s just a matter of whether they will do it. Will they make the effort? Because the lasers don’t sell themselves? I mean, they kind of do. Actually, when you get people in, they kind of do but you’ve got to take some steps you have to do.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: There’s an intention there. So yeah. Okay, so on that. So Erchonia approached me about developing this private Facebook page called Zerona? Glow your business? And it’s great, it’s a community where we can share ideas, and it’s all focused around the roads they’re on and well, and it’s interchangeable with emeralds. Okay.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Yeah, but the aesthetic leaves your side, right?


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Okay, perfect. And so on. There also, I’ve been sharing some marketing plays, we’ve been doing some, even images that can be used verbatim what we put in a post because here’s the thing, you know, we’ve we do have systems in place, we have methods and just utilizing, like sales psychology, I think about this when we develop strategies. This is something that someone even applies when they are thinking about their marketing strategy, we all want three things in life, and every human wants, it can be broken down into three things to be important. So that’s where your validation comes in. If you know, I see you as a human, you are important, okay? So we want to be and feel important. We want to feel better, we want to have health, we want to have vitality, energy, we want to be able to, you know, be thriving, and I don’t care what anyone says you want to look better. Sure. So when I put out our marketing and campaigns, I’m always trying to think, Okay, how is this hitting on either one of those aspects and conveying that or all and, you know, that also is the way we train our team. That is the way our office is, you know, from what I received when I walked into Dr. Steffes. Office 12 years ago, I was seen, I was important, and she cared about how it was feeling, you know? And so when you think back like things that you’re even loyal to brands, your loyalty gives you One of those three things, or if you can provide all three, that is money. And I don’t mean literal, just that that is on point that is what you want. That’s how you have fans for life. That’s how you have patients, clients, and friends for life, you see someone you care about their health, and you know, they want to look good. You know, and I don’t mean like, oh, you know, the job and tummy tuck and all this stuff. It’s like, No, you want to feel like you’re accepted. And our looks are part of that will.


Dr. Chad Woolner: And so Docs who are listening to this might think, Okay, that’s all good and fine. I agree with that. But how do you like it? How do you objectively like to systemize? That whole process, like how do you quote, unquote, systemize, and care? And I’ll just give one example of the fact that you know, the fact that when you go out and meet with, let’s just say tattoo artists and tattoo shops, right, you’re applying what you’re just saying, what you just said there, in a very simple and easy way, meaning. One approach might be, Hey, my name is Dr. Chad Woolner, we have this amazing laser, it’s so cool. You guys should send people to us. Right? That’s one way of doing it. And that may or may not land versus your approach is, hey, we think tattoo artists are incredible. We love the work that you guys are doing. We have this amazing laser, we’d love to let you try it for free. If it works for you, and you find that it’s amazing. We just asked you to send people to us and partner with you.


Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah, so it’s far more of a that literally happened in my town, by the way, a doctor bought a laser. It wasn’t an Ericone laser. And I know a doctor, he’s a nice guy, but he sent out a message to all the chiropractors and sent people to me, I just bought this new laser. And he said it was $70,000. And it’s really cool. You should send people to us. That’s exactly why I’m like a poor guy. And but it wasn’t like your way is so much more brilliant is like hey, if you know, he could have said like, hey, chiropractors, there’s a good chance that you may have shoulder pain, you may have back pain, you’re treating a lot of patients you have neck pain, how would you like to come in? And we’ll do free sessions on you because we care about the community instead of his initial approach was, well, that’s kind of a douchey thing. Like why would I? Why would I ever do that? Have my own patients, you can get your own patients, or oh my gosh, this guy actually has some new technology. And he’s actually caring about other chiropractors in the community which would have gone over really well. And you could have built a community that way. How many?


Dr. Chad Woolner: Just out of curiosity, because I want to kind of prove this point. How many tattoo artists have taken you up on that offer to come in and try the laser for free?


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Let’s see. So I’m thinking


Dr. Chad Woolner: you’re having a difficult time quantifying it because there’s a lot. That’s my point, right?


Dr. Andrew Wells: There’s a lot who would say no to that, right?


Dr. Chad Woolner: That’s exactly right. You know, there’s a really great book written by those who want to learn good marketing stuff. Alex or MOSI? Have you heard of this book? 100 million dollar offers is the name of the book, I haven’t really good, but you would love it anyway. But the whole idea from we’re talking marketing here is that, okay, we’re gonna dive deep into marketing. The best type of offer is one that when you position it, the individual you are offering to would have to say, in their mind, on some level, I would have to be stupid not to take advantage of this offer. Right? And that’s what you did there in talking to a tattoo artist, you know, in that sense, and the offer that you made to them, no strings attached. Just come in and try it for yourself. See if this is effective, if they’re getting tattoos regularly, they would be stupid not to do what’s the worst that can happen for nothing, you know what I mean? I wasted 30 minutes of my day to come over to this gal’s office and try this thing. You know, and so yeah, it’s the reason we’re talking about this, again, kind of bringing this back on so that Doc’s understand those who are listening, you’re talking about principles and ideas. But they’re not just these fluffy theoretical ideas, you put them into implementable systems and actionable steps that you’ve taken. But the key, Docs need to understand is you’re taking action, you’re it requires a little bit of work a little bit.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: And here’s the thing, too, when you have a team, you don’t always have to be the cook in the kitchen, but you have to take action, there has to be movement there has to it just doesn’t happen. I’ve used this analogy before: you could have a loaded ATM machine that requires no pin and it stays full if no one knows it’s there. Yeah, you know, or how it benefits them. And so here’s another thing too, and you know, just dealing with you know, when you hear people seeing people earn the right to present your solution. Then yeah, don’t just puke it on people for the lack of More eloquently I’ve seen it earn the right. So for example, you know for me and this is in the med spas side of what we’re doing, but for me, yes, I’m very busy my schedule for treatments books out close to two months, wow, I’m very busy but I have certain time allocated to consultations, I still do a full hour in-person consultation. Because it often takes that long to really, truly have a real conversation with someone. And people might think, Oh, no way. gotta dig an hour. Okay, but what if I told you that this could be a patient or client that could be worth 10s? or 1000s of dollars in the lifetime of the relationship? Yeah, an hour’s worth it. And we have those people and, you know, someone comes in and they make an appointment thinking they need XYZ, and they really don’t need ABC, you know, but you took the time to hear them and say, Actually, this is what you thought you needed. But this is really truly, you know, what would be your solution. And because you took the time to hear them even in an hour, I mean, it’s not that much time to actually validate someone and hear them in that time, then have, you know, they trust you to the point where they believe you that okay, this does sound like this could be my solution. And again, whether we’re talking skin tightening, or Zerona emeralds, or nutritional support, I mean all that, you know, it doesn’t matter. It honestly doesn’t matter what you’re doing or selling or anything, if you take the time to really just hear someone and just say, Okay, well, I have the solution. And again, remember a lot of times when they’re hearing you, especially when I’m speaking on Emerald and Zerona. And you know, even FX treatments, they’re thinking, well, this really worked for me. And can I afford it? So they may even be half hearing you because they’re stressing, you know, I mean, we’re in and we’re in a society that, you know, stresses over money. I mean, it’s a rat race, right? I mean, money issues are probably one of the number one causes of anxiety doesn’t matter how much you have or don’t have, right? So they’re thinking that and, you know, just reassuring and taking that time with them. Because again, otherwise, it’s like trying to get married on the first day, kiddo,


Dr. Chad Woolner: I want to focus on one kind of element of what you talked about for docs because I think some might get really hung up on this hour-long consultation idea. Don’t get hung up on the time for just a minute, step back and say it’s whether it’s an hour or not an hour to set that aside, just get rid of that specific timeframe. I can’t remember who said this, but the minute you said that it was like thinking in the back of my mind, I read somewhere recently, so I’m sorry, to whoever it was that posted this really brilliant insight. But they said in business, more business owners need to engage in things that are not scalable. And so often, and especially Andrew and I were constantly talking about scalable scale this and scale this and scale this and do things and automate this and, and delegate this and do this. And those things are definitely important, right systemization and all those different things, but never lose sight of the important heavy lifting that is done through things that aren’t scalable. And what I mean by that is these very intimate, very meaningful, very personal conversations that take place through again, whether it’s an hour, full 60 minutes, or maybe it’s just a very, very focused 10 minutes, you know what I mean? Have one on me and you just one on one, because I have those conversations with patients, I do consults with patients, and they’re typically pretty quick in terms of the time, but I make sure to be fully present with them when I’m there with them so that they know like, I’m not looking elsewhere. I’m literally looking at you giving me 100% of me, I’m not my mind is not elsewhere. I am truly with you. And I’m making sure that my body language shows that by restating the questions that I asked you and the answers that I give you that I’m actively listening, not just hearing. And so, and again, those are things that are not scalable things and yet, those really, or you know, in terms of meeting going out into the community, that’s not typically I mean, you theoretically could delegate that out to other people. But I’m confident that you move the needle a lot further when it’s you being the one going and doing that, you know what I mean? So.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: And human contact is becoming more and more scarce. And yeah, because even you know, Zoom meetings for work, FaceTime, you know, with your kid’s emails, I mean, out So, I mean, so many people, you have no idea how few people they interact with in a day in person. I don’t want to go through the cash register anymore. I pick up my groceries. I, you know, it’s like DoorDash, my food. And I mean that that is like, I mean compounding loneliness. And, you know, and really, and this is something too, you know, I’ve, I share a lot of my little tidbits of information and secrets and things on that glow, or Zerona glow your business page and I’ve been working on inductor stuff knows this, but I’ve been working on a book for a while as well. Not that it’s like I have all this info to bestow.


Dr. Chad Woolner: But is this a business book? It is a cool title for it.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: It’s musings and ramblings of a serial entrepreneur.


Dr. Chad Woolner: musings and ramblings of a series of rambling, that’s amazing.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: So and it’s about for one, believing in yourself and just investing in your own dreams enough to do what it takes to make it happen, which, you know, other people benefit from in this case, you know, so it’s really like I said, it’s not like I have some magic formula, but it’s taking the time and being thoughtful and methodical, but, and as I said, Erchonia reached out to me, because, you know, this is some things that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, go to the page and steal stuff from me because I put it out there for you too. I even make up posts that are verbatim you can copy and paste.


Dr. Chad Woolner: We just FYI, for those listening, we’ve used a lot of what Jamie has given in that group, in our business. And it’s been very helpful. A lot of very straightforward, simple, yet very profoundly awesome resources. So yeah, I would echo Yeah, join her group, if for those who are listening, who are either thinking about getting into this Arona, or Emerald, or currently do.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Our Instagram and Facebook, glow sculpting spa, I mean, I post a lot. And again, it’s not like we have this secret sauce, you know, and no, it’s just there’s different ways of doing things. As the world is changing, and there is this looming loneliness that so many are experiencing, human connection and contact are so much more important. So that’s where I feel our in-person consultations are huge, and to be honest with you, and not to be braggadocious, or anything, our closing rate is so good that I remember the ones that I don’t close. And then I follow up. You know, because there’s always going to be some time or some you know, and again, it’s not even about being this high pressure, you know.


Dr. Chad Woolner: It’s so funny because you know, with Andrew and I, we have a business where we consult and work with practitioners, and one of the most frequently asked questions amongst ourselves and explored questions. And it’s a never-ending question, right? Because we’re always seeking more insight, what is the distinction between the docs who are successful and the docs who are not successful? That’s like the common thread that we’re always trying to pull on. Always trying to pull on? And, what we tend to find is the same types of answers that are somewhat unsettling because of the simplicity of the answer as to what it is at face value. People are like, dude, okay, whatever. But like, what we mean by that is like, yeah, it’s obvious when in talking with you, you guys are successful. Because I’m ready for this, like a surprise. It’s because you genuinely care. Like you, it exudes in terms of, you have a very clear sense of purpose and mission with what you’re doing. It’s not really, truly isn’t just about the money. If you’re just about the money, you may make it, and there are some who do that, you know, like they make tons of money. Fantastic, wonderful. Great that there is no problem there. But I’m finding we’re finding, correct me if I’m wrong, Andrew, but the docs who really have success long term, it there’s something intrinsically there with them, where they feel deeply connected to the sense of passion, purpose, and mission, that what they’re doing is deeper than just a transaction, you know, that it’s so much more than that. And that’s what continues to drive and fuel the steps. What were you gonna say? You’re gonna say some?


Dr. Andrew Wells: No, yeah, yes, I would agree. 100%. And it’s, I think all docs will say, Yeah, I care. I care, too. I’m a part of that group. But do you really think about the people who didn’t close? Right? Not because you didn’t collect the $3,000 whenever it was, like the care plan, but because they actually had a problem and you weren’t able to? Either help?


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Yeah. Did we miss a solution? Yeah.


Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah. to kind of wrap this up. We started off with how you guys met was, you know, yeah, Jamie wasn’t a patient right? That wasn’t like a pain. impatient like, all right, I got my kind of my case value out of that patient, which sometimes we think of it’s No, it wasn’t appropriate patient but you still followed up and sent magazines to.


Dr. Chad Woolner: The House did she pay you for the get well cards and all the cupcakes and all that stuff she paid for that she owes you need to collect on that?


Dr. Andrew Wells: When you scratch the surface of that a little bit, and I think if people were to meet you, Jamie, they would see like, Oh, this is a tenacious entrepreneur, which you are and all that stuff. But if you scratch the surface a little bit, there’s a meaning behind that. And, that’s yeah, the common thread we’re talking about. As there’s some there’s something more substantial there. And if you can tap into that, and sometimes it takes Doc’s a while to figure that out, it can be years before they figure out in practice what that really is, but oftentimes people will find it too and if you lean into that, then you have a lot of motivation to work through situations like COVID or to work through like what do we do?


Dr. Chad Woolner: And that’s what you’ll find. Again, we talked with Steve Shanks in an interview earlier. And that’s the thing that you’ll find I think that’s what gravitated I’m guessing to a large extent, what gravitated you to both of you Dr. Stephanie and Jamie to Erchonia is this very strong sense of mission and purpose that they have. We were telling Steve, there’s a much cheaper, faster, easier way to make money in the light and laser space. You could totally know what I mean. Just cut corners and, you know, sell subpar and I shouldn’t even say subpar like you’re but I mean, you just do the research. Yeah, just skip the research. You know, it’s already been done. That’s fine to skip the research reservation.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Steve has actually been to our office animal so we were able to have some on one time with him. And you know, he is still excited over what he’s doing. Yes. And passion. And that’s what keeps you, it’s almost burnout-proof. And yeah, there are times when you’re like, I need a vacation or I need a day off. That’s different from feeling dread of what you’re doing every day. And people can feel that. Oh, totally. Oh, yeah. So I feel like you know, those of us who truly get to do something we’re passionate about were the lucky ones in life that that truly is the secret to a happy life.


 Dr. Chad Woolner: No Passion and Purpose. Yeah, absolutely. Well, Dr. Stephanie, and Jamie, this has been a ton of fun. Super fun. We appreciate you guys taking the time to be here with us on this episode. We’ve talked about a lot. It’s been fantastic.


Dr. Jamie Thayer: Thank you so much. Both of you and Dr. Steph, my amazing partner and bestie. And yeah, it’s great.


Dr. Chad Woolner:  You guys have a really incredible dynamic. It’s very obvious being with you and talking with you as to why you guys have been so successful and why you will continue. And for me what’s inspiring about that is knowing that success is not just a monetary figure, but there are a lot of men and women out there who are being changed to are really having their lives impacted families impacted generations impacted as grandiose as that might sound. That’s what’s happening. And that’s what’s so exciting and cool and we appreciate all that you guys are doing so absolutely incredible. So yeah. Everybody listening, we hope that this has been really valuable for you. We hope that you’ve had a lot of fun on this episode with us and we’re looking forward to lots more. Thanks for listening, and we’ll chat with you guys on the next episode. Thanks for listening to The Laser Light Show, be sure to subscribe and give us a review. If you’re interested in learning more about Erchonia lasers, just head on over to Erchonia.com. There you’ll find a ton of useful resources including research news and links to upcoming live events, as well as the Erchonia e-community where you can access free additional resources including advanced training and business tools. Again, thanks for listening and we will catch you on the next episode.


About The Guest(s):

Dr. Stephanie Wautier is a chiropractor and the co-owner of Glow Sculpting Spa. She runs her own clinic, Watch Your Wellness Chiropractic and Massage, offering a range of chiropractic and massage therapies. Her background is deeply rooted in chiropractic care, with a focus on integrating technology like laser therapy into traditional treatments.

Jamie Thayer is an exercise physiologist, medical laser specialist, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness. She is the co-owner of Glow Sculpting Spa and owns an Anytime Fitness franchise. Jamie has extensive experience in personal training, and medical wellness, and is a recognized social media influencer and marketing expert.


Episode 32 of The Laser Light Show, hosted by Dr. Chad Woolner and Dr. Andrew Wells, featured guests Dr. Stephanie Wautier and Jamie Thayer. This episode delved into the power of laser therapy, their individual journeys in healthcare and wellness, and the story behind their successful partnership in Glow Sculpting Spa. They discussed the impact of laser therapy in medical treatments, their business model, marketing strategies, and the importance of personal connections in healthcare.

Key Takeaways:

  • Laser Therapy’s Impact: Laser therapy, particularly from Erchonia, has shown significant benefits in treating a range of health issues, earning the most FDA clearances in the field.
  • The Power of Partnership: Jamie Thayer and Dr. Stephanie Wautier highlighted the strength found in their partnership, combining expertise in chiropractic care, wellness, and marketing to build a successful business.
  • Community Engagement: Actively engaging with the community and building relationships, such as with local tattoo artists, has been crucial in their business model.
  • Importance of Personal Connection: Offering personal consultations and genuinely caring about clients’ well-being has been a cornerstone of their success.
  • Adaptation and Growth: Their story emphasizes adapting to challenges, like COVID-19, and using such times for growth and learning.


  • If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” is an African proverb referenced by Dr. Chad Woolner, underlining the value of their partnership
  • We all want three things in life: to be important, to feel better, and to look better.” – Jamie Thayer, summarizing the core needs of their business addresses.
  • “There’s nothing that’s gonna get her down. Nothing. Like no thing on this earth.” – Dr. Stephanie Wautier about Jamie Thayer, highlighting her resilience.