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Are Laser Equipment Rental Programs Worth It?

Are laser equipment rentals worth it

New innovations in the medical field are appearing all the time. Those on the cutting edge of technology can attract and treat more clients, more effectively. One such advancement is the development of laser therapy, which can be used to treat a vast assortment of conditions. Many physicians and medispas are intrigued by the range and results afforded by this new technology. However, some may still be hesitant. Laser equipment rental programs can help address their fears and frustrations. 

Laser Therapy Uses

There are a variety of uses to laser therapy, depending on the type of laser used. Unlike laser surgery, therapy treatments using lasers are often employed to aid the body’s natural healing abilities. The lasers do this by using photonic stimuli to excite the body’s cells and infuse them with energy, with the three primary reactions being: reduction of inflammation, cell function and increased blood flow.

Read this article on the science behind laser therapy for a more in-depth look.

How Laser Treatments Can Help Your Business

Incorporating lasers into your practice can be a great way to expand your offerings. Laser treatments are drug free and non-invasive. This allows you to treat patients that may be apprehensive about surgery or other invasive procedures. Laser treatments can also help shorten recovery time for surgeries or other injuries. Additionally, laser therapies used to treat neck and back pain have also shown promising results.

Because of the wide variety of laser therapy uses, many different practice types can reap the benefits of this new technology, including physical therapists, medi-spas, and more.

outsource your maintenance with laser rentals

Rent vs. Buying Lasers for Your Practice

While laser therapies can greatly improve your service offerings and treatments, you might be able to maximize those benefits for your practice depending on whether you rent or buy your laser.

You should rent your laser if:

  • You’re a new practice.
  • You want to try different types of lasers.
  • You don’t want to worry about maintaining or upgrading your equipment.
  • You want to easily stay up-to-date.
  • You want less financial risk.

The Low Financial Risk of Renting

The low financial risk is perhaps the number one benefit to renting laser therapy equipment. However, an underrated plus to renting is the ability to outsource your maintenance and updating. As noted in the beginning of this article, new technology is rolling out at a rapid pace. Renting equipment is an easy way to stay on the cutting edge, because the responsibility of updates, repairs, and replacement will fall to the rental company.

You should buy a laser if:

  • You want your laser to remain in your office.
  • You want a higher profit margin.
  • You’re also able to purchase a maintenance contract.

Long Term Benefits of Buying

One of the top reasons you might buy laser equipment versus renting is to increase your profit margin. When you rent your equipment, you will have to make regular payments to the rental company. These fees are typically higher than the cost of regular upkeep you might have if you owned the equipment yourself. This means your practice will have to see more laser therapy patients in order to reach a break-even point on the cost of your laser equipment rental. 

However, if you purchase the equipment outright, you’re more likely to see more profit, after the initial upfront investments of purchase and maintenance setup. Some physicians believe this long-term benefit is worth the higher start-up costs.

When deciding to rent or buy a laser treatment, consider what your goals are for bringing this new technology into your office. For the majority of physician offices, renting laser therapy treatments is the most cost effective and practical option.

Laser therapies such as low-level light or infrared lasers are useful in treating a wide variety of conditions. Because of the diversity of uses, many medical and therapeutic practices may find them useful in providing drug free, non-invasive treatment options. Renting the necessary laser equipment helps to decrease the barrier for entry for practices looking to incorporate this new technology into their treatment offerings. 

If you’re interested in expanding your practice’s capabilities with the help of laser therapy, contact our team to find the right equipment fit for you.

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