Performance Optimization

Improving Outcomes through Clinical Analysis


Presented by:  Jerome Rerucha, DC, BS, CSCS, CHPS

April 4th, 2020 – Online
~8 CEs Applied~

Offering CE Hours for DC, OT, PT, ND & LAC*






About The Seminar

Join laser expert Dr. Jerome Rerucha to receive advanced treatment knowledge and detailed research trends for his NEW course. Dr. Rerucha’s passion for performance will teach each clinician and/or performance specialist the importance to excel in “active” examination procedures to enhance the typical table examination and treatment methods used by all clinicians that only a doctor with over 20 years of hands-on laser experience in a full-time, referral-based clinic can provide. You will gain the experience you need to not only add laser therapy to your practice, but to truly optimize this proven technology. This seminar will focus on how to overcome the pain and opioid crisis and move beyond to maximize performance for all Dr. Jerome’s clinically tested proven methods, hands-on protocols and rehabilitation techniques.


Come and see how this comprehensive and hands-on examination approach of therapy will produce superior clinical outcomes for your patients!



About Jerome Rerucha, DC, BS, CSCS, CHPS

Jerome Rerucha D.C., B.S., C.S.C.S. C.H.P.S.® is a practicing clinician, co-owner of Crossfit Eatonton with his wife, Jennette, and a speaker teaching integration of advanced clinical treatment applications and competitive strength and conditioning principles. Prior to clinical practice he was a full-time strength coach, competed in powerlifting for 14 years and won a Lifetime Drug Free World Title and The Best Lifter Award in 1999. Dr. Rerucha has been involved with numerous Division 1 strength programs. Having the personal competitive lifting experience, coaching numerous types of athletes and elite strength athletes provides additional benefits when teaching his dynamic clinical applications.



Seminar Details:

April 4th, 2020

Registration at 9:30am
Sat 10:00-6:00pm

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Seminar Topics:


Natural Health Care-the Opioid Epidemic

Back Pain-a Crisis in America:  Statistics and Data

Laser Fundamentals

  • Who, what, when, where and how
  • Physiological windows – spine, CNS, Merrick chart
  • Upregulation vs. Therapeutic Dose

Review Proven Pain Laser Studies and FDA Market Clearances for Neck and Shoulder Pain, Heel Pain, Low Back Pain, Post-Operative Pain & Nociceptive Musculoskeletal Pain

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy PubMed Pain Review and current FDA Clearance Overview
  • Anatomy of Specific Diagnosis
  • Soft Tissue/Structure/Neurology
  • Myotome Review
  • Standard Ortho/Neuro Evaluation
  • Attended & Unattended Laser Applications
  • Pain Treatment Laser Demonstration

The Violet Laser-An Innovative Tool for Treatment Versatility

  • Laser Introduction
  • Published Research
  • Workshop

The Safety Pin Cycle-Low Level Laser Therapy and the Brain

Introduction to using the Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)® Body Map™ System.

Active Examination & Workshop Program findings applied to a 3D Body Map™ priority correction.

  • Neck and Shoulder
  • Feet and Knees

Non-Invasive Fat Loss in Practice

The Hands-on Protocol Workshops using a Combination of Adjustment, Laser & Neurology:

  • Neck & Shoulder
  • Lumbar Spine
  • Cervical Spine
  • Extremities & Heel
  • Low Back
  • Peripheral Nerve Entrapments
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Posture Analysis


To view the complete syllabus, click here.