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5 Exercise Routines You Can Do at Home

Are you trying to have a healthy and fit summer? On the road with business or family? Or maybe you’re just too shy or embarrassed to exercise in public right now? There are ways that you can still get a good, effective work out right in the privacy of your home or hotel room. We’re going to look at 5 exercise routines you can do without fancy equipment or a trip to the gym.

1.) Jumping rope – You can find a jump rope for a buck or two at the local dollar store. Put it to use for 20 minutes of skipping, jumping fun and you can burn more than 200 calories. Find your favorite sit-com on Netflix and skip while you watch to make the time go faster.

2.) Surya Namaskar – The hatha yoga sun salutation is a perfect workout. It is a series of 12 poses done fluidly and gently. Begin with 5 rounds, working your way up to 25 minutes or so. Doing so will burn 350+ calories. One caution—do it on an empty stomach. The Surya Namaskar was designed to be done in the early morning, upon waking, before breakfast. You don’t want to be doing inverted poses on a full tummy.

3.) Calisthenics – Just because they are old fashioned doesn’t mean the calisthenics you learned in school aren’t good for you. Try the following series:

a. 50 jumping jacks

b. 15 crunches

c. 10 tricep dips: use a chair or bench or even the sofa

d. 5 push-ups

e. 10 squats

 f. 10 lunges (each leg)

g. 10 calf raises

h. 10 toe touches

i. 30-second plank

This will work every major muscle group, give you a good all over work out, and burn a lot of calories. Be sure to stretch before and after to serve as both warm up and cool down.

4.) High March – This is a quick exercise that you can use while waiting for your tea water to boil or for your television program to resume during a commercial break. Simply stand up and march in place, lifting your knees all the way up to your waist. As you bring up each knee, either raise the opposite arm until the upper arm is parallel with the floor, or bring the opposite fist to rest on the raised knee. Keep this up for a solid 60 seconds and you’ll tighten and tone core muscles, thighs, glutes, upper back, chest, and arms. Not to mention you’ll burn a bunch of calories. Not bad for a minute of your time, huh?

5.)  Plank Crawls – The plank is a great exercise because it works so many major muscle groups. A plank crawl is a variation that some find more enjoyable than just planking, and some experts say is actually more beneficial than the traditional static plank. Begin in a raised push-up position. Lower ONE arm to the floor in a plank position. Then, lower the other arm. Hold for one breath. Then, beginning with the first arm lowered, raise yourself, one arm at a time, to the raised push up position. Do 15 to 20 complete crawls for a good, effective workout. You can lower your knees, if need be, to reduce some of the intensity of the exercise.

Just because you can’t or don’t want to get to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t work on losing weight, toning up, and looking and feeling great. Get that workout gear on and hit the living room!