There are a number of applications for Erchonia Corporation’s groundbreaking laser devices. Due to the great deal of research and study that the Erchonia professionals have completed, the FDA found it necessary to create a new regulatory category of medical devices: NHN Biostimulation lasers.

There are a number of laser applications available on the market, and many being researched every day. These are a few of the more common laser applications in which Erchonia Corporation lasers specializes.

Chronic Low Back Pain

About 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. Of those, about 60% are treated with opioids, despite the opioid epidemic and minimum effectiveness (30%). Erchonia’s FX 635 laser showed a 72% success rate in their clinical trial, which received FDA market clearance in May 2018. The FX 635 treatment of chronic low back pain is groundbreaking in the pain management community and give patients a safer, more effective treatment option that will get them back on their feet in no time.

Body Contouring

Erchonia lasers are proven to target and eliminate fat in areas that are difficult to target with regular diet and exercise. The Zerona laser is proven to target these difficult areas and biostimulate the body on the cellular level.

The Erchonia EML laser approved as an addition to traditional liposuction surgery. It is the first and only low-level laser to be given FDA market clearance for use during liposuction. The painless laser treatment is applied prior to liposuction and liquefies the fat. This makes for a much easier removal of fat, and results in less post-op pain and bruising as well as a much shorter recovery time.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

A variety of low level lasers are proven to be effective in reducing and eliminating acute and chronic pain in the neck & shoulders .Many patients find that this solution is a much more effective and immediate alternative to traditional pain medications. Combined with forms of chiropractics and therapy, the Erchonia lasers can help patients lead a normal, active, and healthy life without debilitating pain.


Currently, there are many acne treatments available in the form of pills, lotions, tonics, chemicals, and more, but Erchonia has developed a new solution with the DERMALASER. This FDA market cleared laser targets the actual type of bacteria that is responsible for causing acne, rather than targeting the skin. This treatment does not lead to irritated skin cells because it attacks the cause of acne at the root.

Rather than spending many months or years on powerful antibiotics, creams, and more, patients can now attach their acne with painless low-level laser treatments.

Cold lasers are currently undergoing studies for use against viruses, scars, burns, wound healing, and much more. Though it is a relatively new field of medicine, Erchonia’s commitment to low-level laser treatment has made great advancements for laser technology. The future of medical lasers is certainly bright.

Last Updated on June 16, 2020 by Erchonia