The Most Common Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

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When it comes to dealing with the general aches and pains of daily life, issues surrounding the neck and shoulders are relatively common. According to research, approximately two thirds of the population will experience neck pain during their lives. On top of this, around 10% of all patients suffering with complaints will continue to encounter chronic discomfort. The neck… Read more »

Would Albert Einstein use an Erchonia handheld laser?

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Background The progression of low-level laser therapy as a viable therapy has made tremendous strides since the early investigations conducted nearly a century ago to assess how light can affect atom bound electrons. The photoelectric effect, a theory postulated by Max Plank and later proven by Albert Einstein in the early 1900s, identified that light… Read more »

5 Qualities of a Good Laser Fat Reduction Candidate

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Have you been struggling to lose weight only to find “problem areas” that don’t change in response to diet and exercise? Luckily, cosmetic procedures like liposuction take the painstaking effort out of shedding the fat in these areas. Unfortunately, liposuction also has its drawbacks, like causing sagging skin in some patients. Laser fat reduction is… Read more »

The Skinny on Fat-Fighting Foods: 6 Foods to Help You Lose Weight

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People are under the common misconception that staying healthy means eating less. Far from causing fat loss, skipping meals actually causes numerous health problems, including: A slowed-down metabolism Deteriorating muscles General fatigue Impaired concentration Contrary to what you think, eating can help you lose weight. It’s just a matter of finding the right foods to eat. Let’s… Read more »