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Continuing Your Chiropractic Education

Even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt our lives and our practices, your
continuing education requirement remains constant. Rather than see your CE courses as yet
another disruption during this time, see them as an excellent opportunity to advance your skills,
enhance your knowledge, and position your practice for growth. And if you’re finding yourself
with some unexpected downtime due to the pandemic, use it wisely to speed up your skills and
enhance your knowledge.

Erchonia is now providing continuing education offerings as in-person courses, teleseminars,
and webinars. By expanding their online offerings, Erchonia is making their classes more
accessible and convenient than ever before. Taught by experts and backed by the leading
manufacturer in laser technology for chiropractors, Erchonia courses are a great and cost
effective way to stay up to date and meet your continuing education requirements.
In-person courses remain a great way to learn from Erchonia. Their new online programs save
you time and expense. Their online teleseminars and webinars are easy to work into your busy
schedule. And if you’re not available to participate live from your home or office, not a problem.
You can catch up with them at your convenience by using the replay link you get along with
your registration.


Laser therapy is a dynamic area—new equipment, new techniques, and new therapeutic uses
are being developed all the time. Our seminars help you keep up with the latest developments
while also enhancing your laser technique and teaching you cutting-edge new applications.
Taught by the industry’s top speakers, Erchonia seminars focus tightly on the latest information
you need for professional growth and better patient outcomes. With our vast range of topics,
you advance your skills, improve your practice, and get accredited continuing education conveniently and at a reasonable cost.
With 18 different market clearances for their laser devices from the FDA, Erchonia is uniquely
positioned to offer accredited low-level laser therapy courses. The Erchonia seminar series covers all aspects of modern laser therapy, from the basics of using low-level hand-held lasers to
clinical applications and therapeutic interventions. You’ll learn how to add laser therapy to your
practice and optimize its potential for your patients. You’ll get expert instruction on laser basics
in our seminars, including choosing and updating the latest laser equipment and using it safely
and effectively. More advanced topics covered by our nationally recognized experts include:

• Clinical use of lasers for upregulation of stalled metabolic pathways
• How laser therapy helps protect and heal the body’s barrier systems
• Improving joint health and reducing pain with laser therapy.
• advanced laser treatments for musculoskeletal conditions and reducing inflammation
• Laser therapy during the stages of healing.
• Vagus nerves stimulation with laser therapy.

Laser therapy modalities are incorporated into all Erchonia courses, both in-person and online,
but the courses go beyond that. You’ll learn cutting-edge approaches to patient health, such
as the latest thinking about the gut-brain axis, pain management, nutritional therapy, pediatric
care, and new approaches to the management of common clinical syndromes. As one of our
most popular instructors, says, “Erchonia lasers can revolutionize your practice. I believe they
should be part of every chiropractor’s armamentarium.”

In addition to courses that help you meet continuing education requirements, Erchonia provides
targeted courses in practice management. You’ll get the practical information you need to take
your business to a new level. Topics covered include strategies for introducing laser therapy into
your practice and ways to manage personal liability.


Industry leaders teach Erchonia courses with national reputations for innovative thinking and
new techniques for optimal patient care. They share their knowledge in carefully designed
classes that make the best use of your time. They’ll help you improve your skills, learn new
ones, and build your expertise in new practice areas. These continuing education courses are
an excellent opportunity to access some of the country’s best instructors, even if you can’t
be present in the lecture room. You’ll be prepared to hit the ground running as your practice
expands to new bounds.

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