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Erchonia Medical Receives Patent No. 6,746,473 for Multi-Diode, Handheld Lasers

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Erchonia Medical, Inc. announces that on June 8, 2004 the United States Patent Office issued U.S. Patent No. 6,746,473 to Erchonia Medical, Inc. covering all hand-held laser devices with more than one laser.

This enables Erchonia Medical, Inc., to offer the only patented, handheld, true multi-laser devices as compared to various other “multi-LED” devices that often claim to be lasers, when in fact, they are not. Multi-diode laser components enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the devices in which they are utilized.

“This patent is a testament to Erchonia’s continuing commitment to be the world leader in low level laser technology and to consistently push the boundaries of physics, technology and medical applications to seek the answers to human pain and suffering,” states Charlie Shanks, VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Erchonia has consistently lead the world in state-of-the-art healing laser technology and manufacturing, from our very earliest products to our present PL4000 and PL5000 lasers that are in use throughout the world today.”

“Erchonia was the very first low level laser manufacturer to receive the FDA’s 510(k) market clearance for the treatment of chronic pain, and in addition to this patent, Erchonia is anticipating a second FDA clearance this summer,” says Mr. Shanks.

Erchonia 3LT™ Lasers are small hand held devices that are being utilized by health care professionals and professional sports organizations worldwide for the treatment of a wide range of conditions from acute and chronic pain to wound and burn healing.

Erchonia Medical, Inc., is the world leader in the research, design and manufacturing of Low Level Lasers and proudly displays the MADE IN THE USA label on all of their products produced at their world headquarters in Mesa, AZ.

About Erchonia
Founded in 1996 to advance the art and science of health through the development, and distribution of superior Erchonia® 3LT™ lasers. Erchonia is dedicated to the highest quality standards, evidenced by their ISO 9000 and ISO 13000 manufacturing standards. They have built an impeccable reputation in the sports market, working with several professional organizations such as the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Brewers to name a few. Erchonia’s manufacturing facility is located at 4751 E. Indigo Street, Mesa, AZ 85205. All parts of the Erchonia® 3LT™ Laser are made in the USA.

For more information on Erchonia, please visit their web site at www.erchonia.com.