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Understanding Fat Cell Survival After Green Wavelength Treatment

Fat cells in the body

More than half of Americans want to lose weight, but the options for doing so are generally limited. Most diets fail, while surgical interventions like liposuction and lipectomies are invasive, expensive, and risky. Increasingly, though, non-invasive procedures for fat loss are available. Green wavelength treatment, which uses an externally applied laser to shrink a patient’s BMI, is one such option for safe and effective fat cell removal.

How Does Green Wavelength Treatment Work? 

Green wavelength treatment is an exciting option for patients who want to lose fat quickly, safely, and comfortably. In simplest terms, it uses a low-level laser, or “cold” laser, to empty fat cells without destroying them. The mechanism is as follows: FDA-approved lasers penetrate the walls of the adipocytes—the formal name for the cells that store fat—through a process called photobiomodulation. While lasers vary, Erchonia’s Emerald Laser has ten 520-542 nanometer green laser diodes that stimulate the fat loss process. 

When lasers are applied to the area in question, they create tiny pores or openings on the fat cell walls. This is important because the laser also emulsifies the fat inside the cell. The pores created by the laser serve as an exit door, allowing the emulsified fat to leave the cell. Emptying fat cells is preferred to procedures that fully destroy fat cells, as techniques that destroy fat cells often cause unintended weight gain in other areas of the body. Emptying fat cells also preserves them for future use. 

The Effectiveness of Green Wavelength Treatment 

The mechanism behind green wavelength treatment is effective and safe. According to peer-reviewed research, 80% of fat is released from adipocytes after four minutes of laser exposure, while that figure jumps to 99% after six minutes. Thus, fat cell survival after green wavelength treatment is extremely low—which is desirable. Once the fat is released, the body can naturally dispose of it through the lymphatic system. 

Low levels of fat cell survival after green wavelength treatment are demonstrated in the shrinking circumference of targeted areas as well. In one study, adults treated with low-level laser therapy for fat cell removal lost at least 2 cm—a statistically significant result—around their waists in just four weeks. In another study, participants lost an average of 3 inches across their waist, hips, and thighs after just two weeks of treatment with low-level lasers. Meanwhile, Erchonia’s Emerald laser has been shown to stimulate up to 6 inches of fat loss after just two weeks. 

Additional Benefits of Green Wavelength Treatment for Fat Cell Removal 

Choosing green wavelength treatment for fat cell removal has many benefits for patients beyond the fat loss itself. As mentioned, the fat loss mechanism behind this approach is gradual and non-invasive. This makes it safer than many alternatives. There’s no heat, anesthesia, incisions, bruising, or swelling with green wavelength treatment. Patients simply lie on a comfortable table, where the green lasers can be applied to various areas with unwanted fat. Each session typically lasts just 30 minutes.

The process is painless for patients—local anesthesia isn’t even required. As a result, this type of treatment doesn’t interfere with a patient’s day-to-day life. Surgical options for fat loss tend to have longer recoveries and may also result in scarring or other undesired side effects. With cold lasers, patients can continue daily activities immediately after treatment, making the approach both efficient and effective.

Using low-level lasers for fat loss is also an extremely precise option. Whether patients want to lose fat on their waist, thighs, hips, or arms, the treatment can be targeted to the exact area of concern. On top of that, when fat exits the cells, it generally releases endorphins—sometimes referred to as the body’s natural painkillers. Thus, patients may enjoy mood enhancements from the procedure as well. 

The Bottom Line

Fat loss is a top priority for countless Americans. While fat loss can be extremely challenging, it doesn’t have to be. Green wavelength treatment is an extremely innovative and targeted way to stimulate fat loss using FDA-approved lasers. While it may seem complicated, the science behind green wavelength therapy is actually quite straightforward, with lasers creating tiny holes that allow fat to exit the cells in question. 

Cryolipolysis and lipectomies are far riskier techniques for fat cell removal and require far longer recovery times. Low-level lasers, meanwhile, cause no pain or discomfort and effectively remove fat in a short amount of time. Already, many people have enjoyed this approach to fat loss. But as more people understand the science behind how fat cells respond to green wavelength treatment, the procedure is sure to grow in popularity even more.