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Lose Love Handles with Zerona Laser myFOXla.com

Posted by: Tony Spearman / myFOXla.com
Los Angeles – The FDA just approved two non-surgical fat-reducing technologies that claim to contour the trouble spots with in as little as two weeks. The Zerona Laser is one of the technologies… It promises to get rid of love handles.
The Zerona’s low-energy lasers scan the problem areas creating tiny pores in the cell membranes and causing fat to seep out and cells to deflate or collapse.

Dermotologist Dr. Robert Seltzer says the non-invasive Zerona Lasers are cool to the skin, so there’s no topical anesthesia needed. In fact, he says the patient feels little to no pain, which means no downtime or recovery.Michael Brownlee has more on the procedure in this video report.

Watch Michael’s video report in the media player.
More Info:
Dr. Robert Seltzer
960 E Green St.
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 449-3830