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4 Reasons Why Low Level Laser Therapy Saves Practices Money

Erchonia FX 635 cold laser therapy device

With the cost of healthcare rising, small practices in particular have to be more frugal than ever. That’s why it pays to know how profitable low-level laser treatments (LLLT) can be.

They can be big money-savers—not just for your practice, but for your patients as well. Now that more studies are showing the efficacy of Low Level Laser Treatments, there’s no better time to take advantage of this non-invasive, drug-free tissue repair technology.

Here are five reasons why this type of treatment saves practices money:

1. Insurance Companies Love It

In today’s healthcare environment, every penny counts. As a practice owner, you know that you need to do everything you can to keep your overhead low and keep your patients happy. The good news is that low-level laser laser therapy helps you do both.

Why Low Level Laser Therapy Saves Practices Money

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to make their clients happier. They want to see your patients happy, and they want you to be happy. With LLLT, you can show them that you’re helping your patients get better faster and saving them money. They’ll be more likely to approve reimbursement for the cost of your treatments.

2. Less Time Spent With Patients

Low-level laser therapy also helps reduce the amount of time it takes for patients to get better. With traditional therapies such as physical therapy or chiropractic care, patients often need several sessions per week over an extended period before they start feeling better. The process of LLLT is requires less time per patient. This efficiency is good for both the patient and the client, and in some cases, LLLT has the potential to be more effective. This may result in less sessions needed and a faster road to recovery.

3. Facility Upgrades Are Minimal

If you’re upgrading or growing your practice, it may require adding more space for office visits, therapy sessions, and waiting rooms.  Success can sometimes lead to growing pains like the cost that comes with facility upgrades. Generally, low-level laser therapy can be performed easily in any office space with little or no modification required. It doesn’t require expensive equipment replacement or repair. Many doctors choose low-level laser therapy because of its affordability and ease of use.

4. Boosts Patient Satisfaction

Studies have shown that patients who received low-level laser therapy treatments were more likely to report less pain and stiffness, improved range of motion, and increased function than those who did not receive the treatment for symptoms such as chronic neck and shoulder pain and aid to liposuction and reduction of pain associated with surgery. This can lead to increased patient satisfaction, which can translate into more repeat business for your practice.

cold laser therapy device treating woman's neck


With the cost of healthcare increasing and the number of health plans that cover expensive chiropractic treatments decreasing, the use of LLLT is becoming a viable option for patients and doctors. In this way, LLLT has truly becoming one of the safest, least expensive, and effective methods of pain relief.

For many patients, LLLT is the best option for managing pain without the use of opioids and long therapy sessions to see results. Both by keeping patients out of unnecessary appointments and by allowing you to spend more time focusing on the treatment plan at hand, it’s not hard to see why decision makers in clinics are turning to this technology.

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