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Farney Chiropractic

  •  Chiropractic Family Practice utilizing Erchonia Laser
  •  Physical Therapy  
  •  Craniosacral techniques 
  •  Motion Palpation  
  •  Nutritional emphysis
  •  Pediatrics and geriatrics


I am a 63 year old victim of polio and was experiencing a severe degenerating condition.  I had a  scoliosis measuring approximately 46 degrees which was effecting my vital organs and their function.  I have walked with crutches all my life, and my hands were in such severe pain from that overuse I was resorting to riding my electric cart even in my home. I believed that I was destined to spend the rest of my life confined to my electric cart because I couldnt use a wheel chair  because of my hands and shoulders.  The laser has reduced the pain and swelling and now I am walking from my car to my job and around the office with little pain.  My scoliosis has improved so much that they have added one and a half inches to the height of my crutches since I am standing much straighter and taller.  The results I have recieved at Dr Farneys are unbelievable.  I had been treated for about twenty years with regular chiropractic care  and it wasn 't until we started using the laser that we saw noticable results.   The laser keeps me beaming.  


Roberta Reimschisel