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At our office we follow Dr. John Brimhall 's 10-Step approach to wellness.  Our goal is to bring your body to balance structurally, chemically, and emotionally.

Our goal is to help people achieve their maximum potential. Many of the patients we have seen over the course of more than 25 years have informed us that in regard to their health problems, we were their last resort. Fortunately, we have been able to help most of these people. In many of these cases, their health problems were completely resolved or very much improved. We have found that Health is multifaceted; the Structure of the body. Internal Biochemistry and Psychological Stress must all be balanced. Any lack of balance yields ?dis-ease? and that leads to lack of homeostasis (equilibrium) in our lives. The United States spends four times more for health (disease) care than any other nation, and is ranked as the sickest of the industrialized nations in the world. We feel that this is because western Medicine focuses primarily on treating symptoms rather than treating the body as a whole structure, as well as not adequately seeking to discover the basic causes of illness. It is most important to balance the entire body to eliminate the direct causes of illness rather than merely to give some temporary relief to patient?s symptoms. We concentrate on the former (balancing the body) and that?s what we do best! Those of us on staff at the Phillips Wellness Clinic would rather help you seek wellness instead of merely giving temporary relief of pain. However, we will strive to help you at the level you desire. And you do have a choice! We have paid the price to be able to offer you multiple treatment techniques and a wide range of clinical facilities. Our staff includes a Doctor of Chiropractic who has over twenty-six years of accumulated experience in the health sciences. And, in addition, we are available for consultation/evaluation of your requirements in the field of nutrition, allergies, etc. All of this is to allow us to test the whole person. It has taken years of effort and not a little expenditure to be able to put all these services together under one roof. We just want you to be aware that we are thoroughly trained and equipped to handle the great majority of health problems that people bring to us for care. You would have to look far and wide to locate any facility that could duplicate all of these services we offer. And, even then, you might not be able to find one. Our goal is to treat and help the whole person. We have, in fact, successfully treated those who have had neck and back pain, headaches, swollen intervertebral discs, candida albicans, hypoglycemia, arthritic conditions, etc. Whether your problem is due to an automobile accident, an industrial injury or a chronic on-going degenerative condition, we want to be able to provide help for you in any way we can with our wholistic approach to health and disease. However, please be aware that no one can offer a guaranteed clinical response. We teach free classes at least once each month for expansion of your knowledge in these subjects, and to answer any questions you might have. Yes, you may bring other members of your family or any of your friends as guests. They are welcome. The typical patient seen in this clinic is usually suffering from some condition of chronic, on-going disease. We realize that there are those who just want symptomatic relief for now. Many other patients, however, want total rehabilitation where possible. They are literally sick and tired of being ?sick and tired!? We do our best to serve you at any level of care you may desire, not merely ?lump? all patients together in one mold. At your discretion, you may choose the following:

1.     Fee for individual treatments, or ?.. <?2.     Take advantage of the Prepaid Program discounts we have available