Dr. Tim Maggs


1462 Erie Blvd., Ste. 6
Schenectady, NY  12305
(518) 393-6566

64 years old


-40 years in Active Practice


-4 Sons


-1975-1978     National College of Chiropractic

-Doctorate in Chiropractic

-Bachelor in Human Biology

-1972-1974      S.U.N.Y. of Cobleskill, New York

-Associates in Science Lab Technology (Biology)

-1979-Present  Chiropractor-Active Practice

-specializing in sports biomechanics

-2000-2003      Host of Radio Show

-The Sportsmedicine Hour-www.WRPI.org

-1993-2009 Columnist (The Running Dr.)

-New England Runner (former)

-Florida Running and Triathlon (former)

-Midwest Runner (former)

-Washington Running Report (former)

-MichiganRunner.com (former)

-The Pace Setter (current)

-1997-Present  Contributing Writer

-American Chiropractor

-Chiropractic Economics

-Dynamic Chiropractic

2012-Present   Founder/Director of Kenyan Olympic Center, Team CPOYA.com

2012-Present   Director of Sports Biomechanics Christian Brothers Academy

March 2013     Developed www.CPOYA.com

January 2013   Release of new book, Fixing the Healthcare Crisis

1997-Present   National Lecturer on Fitness/Conditioning/Biomechanics

1995-Present   Developed www.StructuralManagement.com, sportsmed website

  • Worked in Strength Department---New York Giants Football

1993-1997       Founder/Director---Team Stick Kenyan Running Program

-1981-1982      Past President Burnt Hills Lions Club

-1978-Present  Runner--Completed 16 Marathons

Developer of:

-The Structural Management® Program

-The Structural Fingerprint® Exam

-The Maggs Muscle Management Program℠

-The Advanced Conditioning Program℠

-The Concerned Parents of Young Athletes Program℠

-Developer of Maggs Law

-Developer of The Atlas™ Operating System



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