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Personal Profile

Owner of a Pain & Performance Center in Sweden.

Certificated and licensed in biomechanics and brain-based training & treatments.

Has a background in fitness training and professional dance on a national & international level.


7 years of experience in Personal Training, Applied Neurology, Structural Integration, Physiotherapy, Laser Therapy, Functional Medicine, Pre- & Rehabilitation, from pain clients to performance athletes.


Personal history from a severe near-death trauma experience at the age of 24 and led to diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensibility) - ending up in a wheelchair for 5 years.

The bridge between the trauma and today running a pain and performance clinic was dance.

The rehabilitation was to dance, which opened up interest in how movement can change brain function. The passion for dance and movement led to competition as a professional at the national and international level and running a dance academy for ten years for social dance and competition.

10 years experience of dance, dance teaching and running a dance academy.


Today, dedicated to finding the key to understanding pain and function and providing the simple yet so advanced knowledge about the brain in an easy understanding way for everyone that helps them on an everyday basis to optimize movement by targeting the brain.


Employment History


– Dala Dance Academy (Daladansstudio, Sweden)

Dancer, Dance Teacher, Movement coach.



– Head of Education at Arch Academy.

Responsible for the educational program Archmethod® - Applied Neurology, Structural Integration, Cellular Activation & Knowledge about diet and lifestyle, and excellence in functional medicine for Clinics and therapists.


Owner of:


– Dance Academy "Dance with Sanna".
Dancer, Dance Teacher, Movement coach, Zumba trainer, from private lessons to groups.

As head of the Dance Academy, handle daily activities such as personnel management, scheduling, training/education, finances, etc.



– Arch Clinic, Pain & Performance Center, Sweden.

Personal Training, Applied Neurology, Structural Integration, Physiotherapy, Maternity health, Laser Therapy, Percussor & Adjuster Treatments, Functional Medicine, Pre- & Rehabilitation, from pain clients to performance athletes.

Patient education, training, treatment, and protocol.

As head of the Clinic, handle daily activities such as personnel management, scheduling, training/education, finances, etc.



Education and Educational Qualifications

2004-2008 – Dance Teacher. Dala Dance Academy, Tony Irving Dance Academy


2014-Cert. PI Personal Trainer. Education & Performance Center, Paleo-Institute, Stockholm

Functional training, cardio training, diet and lifestyle and excellence in functional medicine, optimization and entrepreneurship.


2015-Maternity health by Mammamage, Sweden

The woman's health during and after pregnancy.


2016-Structural Integration Course, Oslo

Gravity, Fascia, and Percussor.


2017-2019 – Z-Health Performance Solutions LLC, Phoenix, Arizona

NEUROCENTRIC TRAINING - Functional Applied Neuroscience all 11 levels.

  • Pain Neuroscience
  • Movement Neurology
  • Biomechanics and Kinesiology
  • Sports Vision Training
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Motor Learning Theory and Application
  • Respiratory Rehabilitation and Training
  • Sports Skill Coaching
  • Modern Strength and Mobility Training
  • Behavior Modification



Sensorimotor integration principles for high-speed pain and performance changes.

How to transition clients and your business from a biomechanical model to a neurocentric model.


Fundamental neurology, pathways and assessments of the visual and vestibular systems for rehabilitation, pain relief and performance enhancement.


Modern sports-vision neurology, critical assessments, and drills.

Integrated vestibular assessments and training drills designed to create optimal levels of challenge for pain reduction and performance enhancement.


Neuroscience-driven, hands-on approaches for dealing with the skin and fascial layers of the body.

Visceral system and somatic pain.

Neural-mobility drills.

Practical lymphatic techniques.

Cranial system evaluations and the neurology that explains why cranial work can be so powerful.


Neuroflow Assessment & interpretation - fundamental causes for pain and movement dysfunction.

"Stacking-drills" in order to use neural plasticity concepts to create faster, longer-lasting change.

Integrate cranial nerve assessments and drills.

Strength & suppleness 

Strength training neuroscience – critical anatomy, pathways and structures made practical and useful.

Flexibility, suppleness and mobility training through a modern neuroscientific lens.

Strength and suppleness through the Z-Health 8 Levels Model of Pain and Performance Neurology


Neurological foundations of stamina and endurance.

The central governor theory and the threat neuromatrix.

Respiratory system control and strength.


Fundamental speed training neurology.

Visual and vestibular assessment and training for maximal skill & speed transfer.

The connection between visual fatigue and peripheral fatigue.

Sustanance & spirit:

Nutrition, supplementation, and behavior change through a neural lens.

Key conversational and coaching skills to promote compliance and new habit formation.

Critical neural assessments for improving dietary change results.

Skill & style

Integration of sports teaching skills with movement neurology

The Next Evolution:

Interoceptive accuracy.

Functional roles of the vagus nerve in the rehabilitation and training environment.

Advanced vestibular training concepts, assessments, and drills.

Neuroanatomical interactions of the respiratory system and pelvic floor.


2019-On going – Z-Health Performance Solutions LLC, Phoenix, Arizona

Z-Health Master Practitioner Program

NEUROCENTRIC TRAINING - Functional Applied Neuroscience


Current Professional Licenses & Certifications

- Personal Trainer (Sweden)

- Z-Health Practitioner (USA, Phoenix)

- Maternityhealth By Mammamage (Sweden)

- Zumba 6 levels (USA)

- Arch Specialist (Sweden)


Other Awards and Achievements

- 1st place in Sweden Championship, Salsa dance 2003

- 8th place in World Championship, Salsa dance 2005

- The state of Dalecarlia honorary award for sporting achievements 2005



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