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Podcast Episode #13: The Family Business with Vanessa Brown

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Join us as we interview Vanessa Brown, nominee for female entrepreneur of the year in the northern UK. After seeing the amazing benefits or Erchonia lasers as a healthcare provider, Vanessa joined the Erchonia family to help other experts learn how to use lasers to help more patients and build a dynamic business.

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Dr. Chad Woolner: What’s going on everybody? Dr. Chad Woolner here with Dr. Andrew Wells, and this is episode 13 of the Laser Light Show. And on today’s episode, we have with us Vanessa Brown, and she’s gonna be talking about the family business. So let’s get to it.


Growing up in Portland, Oregon, I used to love going to laser light shows at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. They would put on these amazing light shows with incredible designs, synced up to some of my favorite music from The Beatles to Pink Floyd, to Jimi Hendrix and Metallica. They were awesome. Little did I know then that lasers would have. Found affected my life decades later as a chiropractic physician. I have seen firsthand just how powerful laser therapy is at helping patients struggling with a wide range of health problems. As the leader in laser therapy, Erchonia has pioneered the field in obtaining 20 of the 23 total FDA clearances for therapeutic application of lasers.On this podcast, we’ll explore the science and technology and physiology behind what makes these tools so powerful. Join me as we explore low level laser therapy. I’m Dr. Chad Walner. With my good friend, Dr. Andrew Wells, and welcome to the Laser Light Show.

Dr. Chad Woolner: On this podcast, we’ll explore the science and technology and physiology behind what makes these tools so powerful. Join me as we explore low level laser therapy. I’m Dr. Chad Warner, along with my good friend, Dr. Andrew Wells, and welcome to the Laser Light Show. All right. Welcome to the show everybody, and a huge welcome to Vanessa. Glad to have you here. 

Vanessa Brown: Hey, so good to be here. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: So Vanessa, you are over in the uk, is that correct? 

Vanessa Brown: Correct. Yeah, I’m over in the north of England at the moment. The weather changes for July, which is good. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: That’s awesome. Yeah. We were saying before the show, the title of this episode sounded like we were gonna be interviewing, a mafia Family is what it was. But this is not a mafia family. This is a healthcare family, is what we’re talking about here. 

Vanessa Brown: Yeah. I mean, we could rebrand The Sopranos probably, but I mean, we’ll see. We’ll see how this podcast goes and then see there could be a future for it. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: That’s hilarious. It’s interesting the more podcast episodes we do, this is number 13, but if you go back and listen to some of the previous episodes, you’re gonna hear this common theme with rc that this is a family business. 

Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah. And you don’t have the last name shanks. So you weren’t born into the family, but maybe we can start off by talking about how you actually are the ER family. Maybe you can start off there. 

Vanessa Brown: Yeah. Yeah. So I have been involved in business since I was a young girl, so probably since about 10, 11 years old. I’ve been involved in family business, my own family business, and my own kind of entrepreneurship things that I do. I started out in business when I was about 12 years old. And I would basically sell celebrity autographs on eBay. I would write to celebrities. I would get their autographs for free, and then I would sell them for about 20, 30 pounds each. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: That’s genius. 

Vanessa Brown: So that’s how I kinda first started in business. Obviously I think then people caught on that you can just write them letters and they will send you them for free instead of obviously having to buy them. So that obviously business, I had to switch it up a little, and then I didn’t, when I just, just for the record, I didn’t realize that, and so the wheels are turning in my head right now. I think I’m gonna start that business here in the States . Well, I actually did, so obviously I’m in England, so I used to write like reality TV kind of people over in England. But I did write a few letters to people in the States and I didn’t actually hear back from anyone. So maybe you guys can do that and then you might get a better response because obviously your address will be a US Postal address, so it’ll be okay. 

Dr. Andrew Wells: That’s amazing. 

Vanessa Brown: And then what happened was when I was about, kind of 13, 14, my parents had a family business I was involved in from a young age. So I’ve always had that business sort of, sense and I’ve always, always wanted to do that. Then I went to school, then I went to university. I graduated with a Master’s in International Business Management and then I took over our family business. So hence the family business podcast title. Originally it was a health and wellness clinic, which I think tied in so nicely to the ethos that Erchonia has all about improving health. It’s all about improving wellbeing for. So I took over the family business and it was originally health and wellness. And when I graduated and now it was five years ago,, I rebranded it into a medical aesthetic spa. So we basically focus on result driven face, body and laser treatment.We’re an award-winning clinic, we’re a C Q C registered clinic. So for anybody, in the UK listening, that basically means we’re a medical grade, and a medical ledge clinic. So everything is done to the highest standard. So when you do anything to the highest standards, you need to be using the most effective clinically proven technologies that are on the market. That’s obviously what patients looks for. So I suppose that’s how I got into Erchonia because as, you know, a business woman who runs a business looking for the next latest thing, the next latest piece of technology,, being in the UK we always look at what’s in the states because the states are so far ahead that’s so much more advanced than we are in the UK. So whatever happens in the States, I always look at that as.  I came across the Emerald Laser, which is a CO’s premium fat loss laser. I came across that probably about 18 months ago now, and I was really impressed with it. I wanted to bring it into my own clinic, because we were missing a gap. We were missing technology that could treat larger patients, but wouldn’t just treat larger patients would do it from a very safe and healthy and effective way. In Europe and the UK we are bombarded with so many different devices that just don’t, they do not have an FDA clearance to do what they are promoting. I was looking for something that was really result driven and then I came across the Emerald Laser and then I met Simon Ramshaw, who everyone knows is the managing director of Erchonia over in Europe and then East Africa. And, yeah, conversations just started going from that point. Simon was looking for somebody to run the UK market and I was available. I was at that point where I’d grown the business so much that I didn’t need to be involved in it on a day-to-day basis and I think that’s the good thing about being an entrepreneur and being a businesswoman. You wanna build a business up so that your business generates income when you don’t physically have to be there. So yeah, Simon was looking for somebody to run the UK market, and it just happened, our paths crossed at the right time, and yeah, that’s how I joined. 

Chad Woolner: Really? That’s amazing. So what, what was it that I,  imagine that not many, clinic owners and operators would ever sort of make the gap between representing the, so you started off, in other words, you started off with the client and now you’re actually representing RC  to other providers. What was it, what was special about RCIA that made you even consider that opportunity of being not only a client but also working with Erchonia.

Vanessa Brown:  Yeah, I think it’s because it’s still a family business. Obviously Erchonia in the state is still family oriented. Obviously the company has grown so much over the last 26 years, but it is still a family orientated company. Coming from a family business myself, that’s a really important value that I feel when I look to go into partnership with a company. So that ethos resonates a lot with me and all of every single Erchonia doctor that uses the lasers thoroughly believes in what they do. You know, Erchonia is not the type of company that will pay doctors to say what they want them to, to stay at the end of the day. It’s all that belief that really comes from your own experience. So when I speak to other clinic owners in the UK, I can talk firsthand from my experience, and I know that the lasers deliver a, I haven’t seen anything that can deliver a result when it comes to fat loss, quite like the emeralds. Do you speak from your own personal experiences, firsthand results that you see?  and I think that that adds so much value. And that’s what I really enjoy. I really enjoy sharing my experience. I really enjoy teaching other clinics how they can integrate, let’s say, the emeralds into their practice and how they can make it a success because the technology is so great that so many more people need to have access to it. It’d be great if every single person had a handheld laser, but you know, it’s, it’s maybe. Feasible as we’d like it to be. But yeah, the technology speaks for itself and it’s, I just love every day talking about it because it just comes so naturally. 

Dr. Andrew Wells: That was one of the things that Simon had mentioned was the challenge in the European markets is they seem to be, way more flooded and inundated with, you know, he dubbed the Wild West, you know, even though it’s in the East  to US. Anyways, , you know, there were just so many different, you know, various. Technologies and products that were being presented, that it’s gotta be pretty exhausting for doctors to see all of this and, and try and make sense of all this. And so, for you, obviously that’s what drew you to Erchonia was the fact that it stood out above. A lot of these other technologies. The question I would have for you is, how do you help doctors kind of make that distinction? Cause that was one of the conversations and questions we had for Simon as well, is, you know, how are you able to really help convey that, to the doctors so that they don’t just lump this together and kind of put this in with all the Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve, I’ve seen this before. I’ve, I’ve done this before. Yeah. These things don’t work. You know, how is that being conveyed to them?

Vanessa Brown: Yeah, but it’s obviously just having an honest conversation with doctors that is so, so important. It’s like, let’s say if you listen to Trevor Barry, you listen to Dave Murphy, you listen to Rob Silverman, when they talk, they talk from their own clinical experience. So it’s not as if you are trying to, let’s say, sell something to somebody. Obviously being a businesswoman, that’s obviously what we’re born to do. You know, it’s a skill that we have. However, I always think you want to talk about how you’ve made it a success because then people will stay, okay, well that’s quite straightforward. This is the template of what I do, and then they can learn from that really. So that’s what I do, especially with a lot of the clinics in the UK. I talk to them about how we’ve integrated the laser into our practice, the different plans that we have, how they can make a serious return on investment, which is so important when you’re investing a lot of money into something. You want a quick return on investments and you wanna be confident in your investments. So I teach them that and I think that that’s so, so important. I always have Erchonia , especially in the UK. We’re not like other companies in the marketplace. We don’t wanna flood the market with so many different devices. We prefer to have real relationships with our doctors, real relationships with our clinics. And I think that’s what stands us out from the rest. Not only the fact that we have the most result driven technology with the highest level of scientific backing, and that, that for me is a big, big reason why I decided to join the company. You know, going from running your own business to working for a company is very different. So that was a big, big, kind of motivation for me. And, you know, you’ve got to get on with the people that you work with. You’ve got to enjoy where you work. And you know, Erchonia definitely delivers. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: Yeah, that’s, that’s important. I was gonna say, I think I read in your bio that you guys at your clinic have over 1,505 star reviews. Is that correct? 

Vanessa Brown: We do, yes. So we have, yes, we have over 300 on Google alone and on our booking software. I believe it’s over 1,100. So far, so yeah, we do, we do have quite a lot of five star reviews. So again, the whole patient experience is very, very important for clinics because everyone can have a machine. Everyone can have a device that someone doesn’t come to your clinic just because of one device you have, right? It’s that full patient experience that you have. From, let’s say the moment you book an appointment, the moment you walk in through the front door, you see the receptionist, you speak to them before you actually even go in for your appointment, you know, when you have like a glass of water. It’s that full experience that, I think, sets you out from competition  and that’s how you’re gonna generate repeat business at the end of the day. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: Well, and, and I think what you’re talking about. Hopefully, maybe tying this all together is when people invest in a piece of technology like this, I think they want to know and feel that they’re not just investing in the technology itself, but also they’re investing in those relationships that come naturally or should come naturally attached to that technology. Yeah. And as a result of kind of, again, what Erchonia has brought to the table in terms of that kind of family dynamic. I think that’s something really cool that doctors can, can feel a certain level of assurance and confidence in, you included, you know, is that the reason why I brought up the, the, the 1,505 star reviews is I think that says a lot, that speaks really loud to who they’re going to be getting involved with. You know, that, that you’re, that’s something we reiterate to doctors all the time. Both Dr. Wells and I are, we try and help them understand I’m, I’m full-time in practice myself, and so I want them to need them to know, like I’m right there in the trenches alongside you. I’m not simply, you know, this distantly removed consultant, but rather I’m involved in this as well as you are as well. And so I think that that bodes very well for their confidence in working with you and working with Erchonia. You know that when they invest, they’re gonna be involved with, and working with kind of, almost partnering with people that they know they can trust. 

Vanessa Brown: Yeah, definitely. You don’t really get that ethos with a lot of companies. And I was saying yesterday, just before we decided to film this pop podcast, I had an interview because I’m a finalist in a Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for women in the northwest of England.

Dr. Chad Woolner: Congratulations. 

Vanessa Brown: And I was, thank you so much. I was saying one of the things that I really love to do is to share my experiences with people and to, to help them get better in their own career and in their own professional development. That’s something that I really enjoy doing and I learn all the time from other clinics, like I go to clinics, I speak to other doctors, and I pick up tips and I think, well, that’s how we can improve our clinic. I’ll bring that back. You know, which is why I always think it’s so, so important to network with your peers, network with other doctors, network with other clinic owners, because you never know when you have a conversation with someone, what tip you may pick up. So that’s really useful. And I teach our doctors and clinics to do the same. 

Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah, that’s brilliant, brilliant insight. I wanted to switch gears a little bit, Vanessa, maybe, you can talk to how you’re using these lasers in your clinic with aesthetics. You mentioned body contouring, and we hear a lot about laser therapy for fat loss and body contouring, but what ways are you actually using this on patients?

Vanessa Brown: For what, like what types of conditions or what is the outcome? 

Dr. Andrew Wells: Yes, that, that some of your patients are coming to see you for; 

Vanessa Brown: Okay, so we have the Emerald Laser and we have the E B R L laser, and we have the Accelerate laser as well. So we use the Emerald Laser as essentially our gold standard when it comes to fat loss. So anytime a patient comes in and they’re concerned with fat loss, you need to dubuque an area and you need to dubuque  it before you start sculpting it with other types of body contouring technologies that you’re likely to have in the clinic. So our Emerald Laser is our go-to for fat. It works extremely effectively, obviously because it’s a cold laser, there’s no downtime with the treatment, so patients don’t feel any discomfort. Typically with fat loss technologies, you are used to something being painful, uncomfortable. It’s not what you really want and you look forward to it if you have to have multiple sessions. So when you come into the Emerald Laser, it’s obviously a very pain-free treatment. And patients really look forward to coming for their next session. So we typically do two treatments a week for a period of either four or six weeks, depending on how much fat that patient has to lose. Obviously because the Emerald laser is FDA cleared for overall body circumference, BMI to 40, the larger the patients we find that they need, extra treatments obviously, cause there’s more factor breakdown.vSo we do different packages. We tend to do packages with six, um, eight or 10 treatments depending on the patient’s needs, their lifestyle. Um, so yeah, that’s typically how we use the ODE laser. Anyone who comes in for fat loss, and that’ll be used at the abdomen, thighs, the back, the arms, anywhere. We will always, always go to the Emerald Laser. Two deep broken areas and to break down the start, when we look at using, either the E V R L or the accelerate, which is obviously the 6 35 nanometer wavelength in the 4 0 5 nanometer wavelength, we basically use that for accelerated healing and pain management. We also, sometimes with the Emerald laser, we’ll treat the vagus nerve to add that extra element of health and wellness to the treatment plan. You know, if you’ve got a patient who, um, has a few different health conditions, you’d need to improve their overall health. And there’s nothing better obviously then let’s say the E V R L or the accelerator that will do that. And because of the power of the two, two wavelengths at 65 and 4 0 5 as well, 

Dr. Andrew Wells: So you, you mentioned that you con, sort of converted your family. More from, what is it, from a pain based clinic into aesthetics. Tell me about that, that transition. 

Vanessa Brown: Yeah, so it started off in 2009 as, um, a health and wellbeing clinic. So we, actually brought technology, ironically from the states as well. We used hydrotherapy beds, vibration were quite a big trend back in 2009, 2010, and we basically, It was more of a fitness clinic. However, my passion has always been kind of like aesthetics in beauty, but in result-driven obviously treatment. So then, naturally the business wanted to go through a stage of remodeling because obviously trends change in business. And this is another thing to really, really keep an eye out as an entrepreneur. You need to keep an eye on the latest trends and the latest technological advancements, because if you don’t keep up to date with that, you’re just gonna fall behind your competition. So the business came to a point where it needed to be restructured. I just graduated. I was a typical person that had just graduated. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. You know, I think everyone is usually in that same boat. Some people know from a young age. I was not one of those people. I always knew I wanted to be in business, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after you graduate and then as soon as you graduate, you’re like, okay, well what do I do now? So then naturally my mom was like, well, do you know what? This business needs to be structured. It needs to be. So then she was like, do you wanna take over the business? And I was like, look, I don’t really wanna work for anybody. I wanna be my own boss. Like, you know, you do, your mom’s, your mom, you don’t want her boss if you’re around at work. She was like, she was like, honestly, like, I will not be involved whatsoever. You do your thing, I will leave you to it. And then sort of after,  about a 10, 12 month period. Revenue massively increased. We rebranded, we started with one treatment room. Um, we now have nine treatment rooms in total. Wow. We’ve invested over 50,000 pounds in a refurbishment, and we have over probably 750,000 pounds worth equipment in that clinic, top end equipment, and obviously the econ lasers fall within that top end spectrum. The reason I mentioned the level of investment is because the level of investment in technology is important because there’s copycat devices out there that just do not work. So you can buy a machine for, let’s say, a fraction of the price, but it will not deliver the results to your patients. And your patients will then say, well, I went there and it didn’t. Business is word of mouth. If you do not have a good reputation, you cannot grow your business organically. It’s just a failure. So you have to invest in the right type of technology, and you have to do your research as to what the best technology is out there. And that’s, I suppose, why. The business continues to grow, even through the pandemic it grew. It’s because patients are looking for, they’re, they’re clever now. They wanna spend their hard-earned money on something that they know is gonna improve their life and improve their overall health. So they do their due diligence. So yeah, you’ve, you’ve got to invest in the best possible technology. Otherwise, at the end of the day, you’re letting your patients down. You may think you’re saving money in the short term, but you’re really not.

Dr. Andrew Wells : Yeah. I think a really important point that I should kind of reemphasize for doctors who are listening to this is that, I think very naturally they want to think in terms of reducing overhead and I would just simply echo exactly what you said. The one area that you shouldn’t be looking to cut corners on is the technology that you’re incorporating into your, into your practice, for the very reasons that you said, you know, and, and the thing is, is that I’ve seen.  Over the years being in practice, I’ve seen, you know, in various locations, in working with doctors, I call the clinics that do that churn and burn clinics because the only way that they can make a go of that, because they’re not delivering results, is they have to constantly.

You know, kind of burn out an area with their marketing and then, and then they basically take the carnival to the next town. Yeah. You know, and, and do that. What you’re talking about is a business model that has sustainable growth. You can, you don’t have to leave the area, so to speak, do the, do the walk of shame because you’re delivering what you’re, what you’re promising in essence, because you’ve invested in that technology, because you’re delivering results for people. And so there’s this just very natural kind of, You know, organic, expansion and growth that happens as a result of that because you, you know, that what you’ve, what you’ve put into it in terms of the investment, not just the money investment, but the time and education investment as well. It pays off naturally. So, that’s awesome. That’s a really important point that I hope doctors who are listening, clue into. I, I remember, Chad, we were, we were at a conference together. This was a while.  and I remember, you know, talking to other doctors at this conference and, and this was right when we started to first learn about Erchonia and I remember asking this other doctor who also runs a consulting business, I said, Hey, what do you think about Erchonia lasers? And I asked him that question because he also, in his company’s business advocates, a similar type of, actually I’ll say a technology that admits red light . So it’s not, not laser technology, but I said, Hey, what do you think about Erchonia? And he said, oh, don’t, yeah, don’t, don’t buy one of those. They’re too expensive. He’s like, I got better, I got a much better thing. And I know what he sells. He sells a device that he buys from China. White labels it and sells it to his doctors. And think about the reason I asked this guy this question. The interesting thing about his following is. Where they’re very much like you said Chad, they like the circus tent. Yes. They like, they get really hot on something on this opportunity and they market the heck out of it and it delivers Okay. Results or less than optimal results. I never hear, I never hear of like massive success stories out of that group or patients. You always hear about business success Yes, but not clinical success. Right. They sell the heck outta those things. Yes. And I think some docs, sometimes doctors get confused and I’m glad Vanessa’s bringing this up, is not to think so short term. . Well, yeah, I could. I could sell a patient on this thing that emits green light or this thing that emits red light. But if you’re not delivering the result, what you end up doing then is reinvesting a bunch of money on the next best thing, and then having to rebrand your clinic.

Dr. Chad Woolner: Yes, set up your clinic again, spend more money on it with new equipment, and then you only have to go through like two cycles of that in your community before your community says. That location there, that clinic, whatever it’s called, not changing every, whatever it’s called this week, don’t trust them.

Dr. Andrew Wells: Right. You know what it’s like, it’s like if you, if you buy a car, right? And you buy like an old secondhand car that is not, you know, it’s probably not reliable. But you could either spend that money on a cheaper car or you could spend money on a brand new car. You are probably by the time you take it into the repair shop, by the time you have to spend so much money to constantly repair it, you are probably better just spending the money on a brand new car that’s more reliable. Will it be safe, will it deliver a result. We’ll literally get you from A to B. And it’s the same concept when it comes to investing in your. At the end of the day, it’s your business and it’s your reputation. You, you know, it’s your hard earned money. You want to be, providing your patients with the best because they don’t deserve any less. Right? And, and if you don’t provide your patients with the best, you’re gonna attract the wrong type of patients. That will just cause you so many problems that it’s probably not even worth you getting up in the morning to go to work. You know, like you just, you need to. Especially when you go into business, you need to have a vision of what type of establishment you wanna be, who’s your demographic, and who you want to target. And, I think that that’s very, very important and that that’s what’s really gonna answer a lot of questions. If you are in business at the moment, you’re thinking to expand or you’re thinking to even get into business, have a vision, and have a solid vision as the way you wanna be. I built up the business in five. and now it runs itself. But that’s hard work. It’s reputation, it’s investment. Everything is continuously invested back into the business because at the end of the day, if you, if you keep having to attract new patients, cause your patients won’t come back, it’s like having a bucket with holes in it.

Dr. Chad Woolner: Absolutely. And you keep putting water in it. It, it’s just, it’s, it’s not sustainable long. Especially if, you know, if you’re in a city where people know you, it’s not a small path. It’s not, you know, big or anything like that, so Yeah. You know, you, you’ve got your fundamentals right. Yeah. And I, and I think too, the order of priority is, is the key here. And what I mean by that is you didn’t first start off by saying, I wonder what technology can make me the most money first. And then maybe if it so happens to be helpful for patients, then we can talk about that as your first priority, your first line of order. How can I deliver the best possible result or solution for a particular patient problem and then work your way from there. It’s, you know, and, and, and that was kind of the same thing that we talked about in a previous episode. We talked about that whole idea that if you’ll put patients first and solve their problems, everything else downstream of that will. Work itself out, you know, it really, really will. The money will come, the success in business will come. But, you know, it’s obvious that what you’re talking about in everything that you’ve been saying, your priorities are in proper order there. First and foremost, you’re making sure that you’re doing what’s best for the patient, making sure that you’re really delivering not just an optimal result, but an optimal experience for the patients as well.

Vanessa Brown: Yes. So that’s, that’s huge. And some doctors are, you know, some doctors are not business people. They haven’t, let’s say, got a degree in business, which is fine, or they may not, you know, be a natural born entrepreneur, but they, they just wanna set up their own business, which is fine. And I think what the great thing about Erchonia is the fact of the after, let’s say the after sales support, it’s not just the case of, you know, we’ll sell you a device, you get on with it. We will not get involved at that point. Erchonia really wants you to. Successful with your equipment. Because at the end of the day, the clinic’s success is a CO’s success. And I know myself in the UK that’s the ethos that I follow. And even my colleague like Penny over in the States, that’s what she does, um, on the West coast with all of her doctors. 

Dr. Andrew Wells: Penny’s great. It’s about teaching them. Yeah, she’s fantastic. I spent a lot of time there in Arizona at the start of the year. So I’ll see you again. 

Vanessa Brown: Obviously I’m gonna go over in November, but it’s about, it’s about teaching you how to market yourself, how to be as successful as you can so you actually get a lot more added value,  for your investment as opposed to just buying a device Erchonia provide you with so many more materials that will actually help you grow as an individual, um, from a career point of view and as, and, you know, a personal point of view as. .

Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah, I, I would echo everything you just said. Uh, we literally just have experienced this firsthand in our clinic with adding, the FX 4 0 5 and the, serona we had at our open house two weeks ago had an overwhelming success as they, I’m guessing in England they would call that a smashing success.

Dr. Chad Woolner: Is that, is that the correct English first? That was probably.

Vanessa Brown: It was a smashing success and, look, and, and honestly, truly, I can say this, Largely due to just following the guidance and support that was provided by Ric the minute, the minute that the lasers. , they took us through a kind of whole onboarding experience, showing us kind of best practices from a clinical standpoint, best practices from a communication and marketing standpoint. And, we literally just tried as best we could to follow the instructions, and the guidance that they gave us. And the end result was just a, a, a really massive success with us. For our patients and for our practice. It’s been absolutely incredible and so can’t  echo that loud enough in terms of that.

Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah. I also, I know this podcast is called The Family Business, and this is gonna be really cheesy what I’m about to say, right? But I always say to doctors, you aren’t just buying into a piece of technology. You aren’t just buying a device. You know, you are literally buying into the full Erchonia family that we have. And I think that that resonated so nicely with me because of that family business element. And every single doctor that comes on, I want them to feel as part of the Erchonia family. You know, we do regular workshops, we do regular seminars. We’re keeping regular contact with our doctors and clinics, and we want them to feel part of everything that we’re doing. So it’s kind of like an extended family that you have as part of your business. Hence, I think why this podcast is, you know, named so perfectly as a family business. Yeah. Because yes, I come from a family business standpoint, but Erchonia is a family business and you are buying into a family business and that.

Dr. Chad Woolner: So what’s important, what is, that’s like real quick, what ACON needs to do is train all their sales reps that when they’re telling them about buying into the family business, they need to have like the Italian hand gestures when they say that. So that, so I reckon, you know, maybe after we wrap up with all the podcasts, maybe we should look at doing a Netflix series, like Erchonia, the ACON family business. That’s right. We’re giving, we’re giving them, you know, we’re gonna give Joseph some tips to the theme for next year’s All I think that’s right. Gonna  Joseph’s, Joseph’s gonna make an offer to doctors that they can’t refuse. That’ll be the tagline. Sorry, Andrew, what were you gonna say? You were gonna say something important. 

Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah, no, that was way more important than what I’m gonna say. . . I never, I never disagree with your family. . That’s right. That’s such a, you know, it’s interesting, Vanessa, you say that because at the end of the day, the laser is a tool and, and it’s interesting because you can put a tool in one person’s hands and another person’s hands, and they may do something completely different with it, or you may, and we see this sometimes in our functional medicine program or other programs. We, we’ve been a part. If you give somebody a tool without the necessary support, guidance, and, and wisdom that comes with being a part of a family or being a part of a group and an organization that provides that kind of support, I mean, after all, that’s what a family does, right? We support each other, we move each other forward, we celebrate wins, and we pick people up when they’re, when they’re having. And I think, that’s one of the things that we picked up on really quickly with RCIA that made a big impression on, on us was that everybody we talked to that represented Erchonia, who were very smart, they were very passionate, they were very serious about,all of the, the effort and work that’s gone into promoting this technology,, in healthcare. Because the more we learned about this and Simon. In our last episode this really absolutely belongs in, in almost every, if not every single type of healthcare environment across the world. Yeah. It, it, it, you can use it in dentistry, you can use it in podiatry, you can use it in chiropractic offices, you can use it for aesthetics. There’s so many things that the lasers do without side effects, with tremendous benefit that it’s like, why, why wouldn’t this be in the hands of every person? I mean, this. This is gonna be on my Christmas list is E V R L. I want one in my stocking for Christmas. Like everybody should have one of these. Cause there’s so many.

Dr. Chad Woolner:  I know, right? I was looking at, I was stocking Simon Reshot, his Facebook and he posted, he reposted some, some post I think it was,  Jerome, Roca’s wife maybe who had posted this, this bird flew into like a wall or something and the bird was sitting on the, on the ground and someone was lasering  bird. 50 minutes later the bird flew off. Yeah, like, it’s like you can you, and of course, like in veterinary practices as well, we’re gonna have actually a podcast coming up here and how you can use it in veterinary medicine. So,yeah, and, and if you don’t, if you, if you have the tool without the, .it doesn’t come across it. It’s way less powerful than it could be, even though the tool is the same thing. Right. It’s admitting the same light. And so I think that’s the thing that we, especially with this podcast, we want doctors to recognize, is that just beyond the tech, the technology and the lasers, there’s so much that docs can, can take advantage of, even if it’s from clinical protocols, business listening to people like, like you, I mean, the fact that you’re, you know, top, top five young entrepreneurs, like you have a lot of knowledge to share with doctors. 

Vanessa Brown: Yeah. And that’s so, so important. And doctors need that help because, like you mentioned, they don’t always have the business skills that they should have and need to have to run a successful practice.

Dr. Andrew Wells: Exactly. Exactly. And it’s all learning, you know,  I have listened to Tony Robbins and you learn from the best that is out there. I, I learn from the best. Business people that I know, because they always think you don’t, you know, business is about taking risks. It’s about making mistakes, but you wanna look at the people that are already extremely successful because if you learn from them directly, you cut out all the mistakes that they made. That’s exactly right. You kind of like back yourself and I think as well, like being in business, you need to continuously educate yourself. You need to continuously grow as an individual. So you know, you need to, you need to learn something the best and that Erchonia definitely, definitely attracts. Some of the best, practitioners and clinics and people that work within the company, in the industry. So, it’s a good company to be aligned with. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: Definitely. Totally, totally agree. So Vanessa, for doctors who are listening to this, who would like to connect with you and maybe learn a little bit more, and in particular you being involved.

Vanessa Brown:  England, the UK. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: So this is any docs, but especially those UK docs. What would be some of the best ways that they could get a hold of you or, or kind of connect with you, start getting into your world? 

Vanessa Brown: Yeah, perfect. So you can feel free to message me. So my number is first 447 7 9 5 2 3 9 6 8. And my email is bbrown@erchonia.com. I’m on LinkedIn. So you can obviously reach out to me via that platform as well. Any questions, any guidance you need, um, you know, any tips as to how you wanna grow your business or learn more from me. Please feel free to reach out. I’m more than happy to help and like I said I enjoy sharing my wealth of knowledge. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: Perfect. We’ll make sure we have that on the show notes as well so that docs can have access to that cuz I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of docs who will probably wanna pick your brain on a wide range of different, laser and or laser business related questions. So, Vanessa, it has been an absolute pleasure getting the chat with you and getting to know a little bit about  your business, your successes. Again, huge congratulations on the top female entrepreneur that is, absolutely incredible, that accomplishment. And I know that that was probably no small feat for you. I know that probably my guess represents decades worth of, uh, blood, sweat, and tears,in terms of what you’ve done there. So that’s huge. When is that, has that already taken place or is that getting ready to take place? 

Vanessa Brown: Yeah, it’s in September, so, I’ll keep everybody updated about that. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: Awesome. And that’s there in, in the UK in, is that in London? In the uk? 

Vanessa Brown: Yes. No, it’s gonna, so the awards are the largest awards for females outside of London. Because, sometimes the north of England gets forgotten about and we focus it with the South, so, it’s nice to have something that, not separate us, but just sort of, acknowledges and all. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s amazing. . Well, that’s huge. Yeah. , so. Awesome. Awesome. Anything you want to add, Dr.Wells in closing? 

Dr. Andrew Wells: No, no. Thanks Vanessa, for being on the podcast. Really appreciate your knowledge and insights and. . Yeah. Thank you. 

Vanessa Brown: Yeah, you’re welcome. Thank you so much. Yeah. 

Dr. Chad Woolner: Docs make sure to reach out to Vanessa if you have questions about anything she shared. She shared some really, really good insights that we’re woven in here, some real nuggets that I think could really benefit a lot of practitioners. And, it’s exciting to hear the things that are taking place, not just in the US, for us. You know, obviously in the US we focus a lot on the US but it’s really cool, having chatted with Simon and then now Vanessa. Hearing all the cool things that are happening literally throughout the world. And so we, we appreciate you, Vanessa. We appreciate all the hard work that you’re putting in over there and excited to hear more about your successes moving forward. Docs. We hope this has been incredibly valuable for you, and we will talk to you guys on the next episode. Have a good one.


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