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Why Patients Keep Requesting Laser with Their Acupuncture Sessions | Acupuncture Today

Event Details

Thu October 28, 2021 - 3:00 PM EST — Thu October 28, 2021 - 4:00 PM EST

Location: Your Home or Office

Speaker: Diana L. DaGrosa, MSOM, L.Ac., ACN

CEU: 1 Applied NCCAOM

Price: $0.00


About the Seminar

"Differentiate and Elevate Your Practice’s Stature"

Diana L. DaGrosa, L.Ac. will be presenting a special Webinar Thursday, October 28th for motivated practitioners eager to explore the healing power of light energy.  Science and experience prove the health benefits of using non-thermal lasers for chronic and acute conditions.

With an extensive background of more than 30 years as a health care practitioner with over 16 in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diana reveals the benefits of adding light therapy for augmented energy production and movement.  Diana will introduce and explore non-thermal laser therapy techniques which she uses in her practice to improve clinical outcomes and help address difficult & uncommon presentations.
Diana began integrating proven laser technology several years ago which has significantly enhanced her patient’s results and increased referrals.  Diana will share her success stories through successful case studies, protocols, and clinical pearls.

Diana began integrating non-thermal laser technology several years ago which has significantly enhanced her patient’s results and increased patient referrals.  Success stories through case studies, protocols, and clinical pearls will be shared.

This is not a webinar you will want to miss!

  • Why Non-Thermal Lasers over other Light Devices?
  • Increasing Resilience to Pathogenic Influences – Welcoming Antimicrobial Effects of Violet Laser to a TCM Practice
  • Building Qi with Non-Touch Non-Thermal Lasers
  • Combining TCM, Functional Medicine & Laser for Difficult Cases
  • Repleting Nutrient Deficiencies to Enhance TCM Treatments
  • Confirming Susceptibility with Objective Specialty Lab Tests




Seminar Topics

  • Integrate non‐thermal laser therapy with acupuncture treatments for exponential patient outcomes
  • Distinguish the unique benefits of non‐thermal violet lasers
  • Review non‐thermal laser techniques for resolving immune, pain, brain, and organ system presentations
  • Support patients with challenging conditions using non-thermal laser when rapid healing is desired (Burns, Infections, Fistulas, Dental Problems)
  • Apply non‐thermal laser techniques to balance energy or emotional centers of patients to enhance acupuncture treatments
  • Staff can provide Laser Sessions per Your Protocol

About the Speaker

Diana L. DaGrosa, MSOM, L.Ac., CAN

8701 E. Vista Bonita Dr., Ste. 110                                                (480) 629-8110

Scottsdale, AZ  85255

www. brightpathwellness.com   diana@brightpathwellness.com

Uniquely qualified to help her patients restore their health naturally, Diana integrates the widest array of natural medicine solutions truly nurturing the whole person and helping to resolve health issues at the root cause. Diana’s offerings include: Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture; Functional Medicine; Applied Clinical & Functional Nutrition; Functional Blood Chemistry & Specialty Lab Assessments; Eastern & Western Herbal Medicine; Laser Acupuncture; and Low-Level Laser Therapy.

Bright Path Wellness, Inc. – Founder, Owner, President                                                2004 to present

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine & Acupuncture

Licensed Acupuncturist                                                                                                      2004 to present

NCCAOM Diplomate of Acupuncture                                                                                 2004 to present

Western & Eastern Medicine Herbalist                                                                               1992 to present

Licensed Massage Therapist in New York, Florida & Arizona                                             1992 to 2006

Lived & Worked in Japan                                                                                                        1987 to 1991


Master of Oriental Medicine – Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture         2004

Applied Clinical Nutritionist – Texas Chiropractic College                                                 2008

Bachelor of Science in Health & Exercise – Springfield College                                       1986

The Institute for Functional Medicine -

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice                                                             March 2015

Hormone Advanced Practice Module                                                                                 July 2015

Gastro-Intestinal Advanced Practice Module                                                                      November 2015

Immune Advanced Practice Module                                                                                   February 2016

Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module                                                                      February 2016

Energy Advanced Practice Module                                                                                     July 2016

Detox Advanced Practice Module                                                                                       October 2016

Continuing & Advanced Education: Functional Endocrinology; Functional Blood Chemistry; Advanced Thyroid; Homotoxicology; Homeopathy; Metabolic Syndrome/PCOS; Botanical Medicine; Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression; Brain Chemistry Function; Cardiovascular Health; TCM & Acupuncture Training including Classic Five-Element Acupuncture – Neil Gumenick, L.Ac., Stroke Rehab – Dr. Shi Xue-Min, Balance Method Acupuncture - Dr. Tan, Oncology, GI, Dental, Insomnia, Hormones, and Fertility; Low-Level Laser Therapy Advanced Training - Jerome Rerucha DC, Dan Murphy DC, Trevor Berry DC, Robert Silverman, DC; and more.


This webinar has been applied to NCCAOM for 1 PDA under PE-CW Acupuncture credit by OnlineCE.  $19 extra for CEs (if needed).  Post webinar test must be completed by 12:00pm on 10/28/21.