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Performance Optimization & Advanced Pediatric Practice | ACS

Event Details

Sat April 2, 2022 - 8:00 AM CST — Sun April 3, 2022 - 6:00 PM CST

Location: Fayetteville, AR

The Hilton Garden Inn
1325 N. Palak Dr.
Fayetteville, AR 72704
Phone:  (479) 856-6040

Speaker: Jerome Rerucha, DC, BS, CSCS, CHPS
Marc Funderlich, Jr., BPS, DC, CCS

CEU: 12

Price: $225.00


About the Seminar

Performance Optimization
This will cover chronic pain which is widespread in our population today, evidenced by our ongoing opioid epidemic. Specific protocols and techniques for common conditions such as neck, shoulder and low back pain will be taught using traditional chiropractic and applying one of the newest technological advances in the healing arts, laser therapy. We will discuss statistics involving chronic pain conditions. Demonstrations of treating chronic heel and foot pain with laser therapy will be performed.

Advanced Pediatric Practice: Implementing New Modalities; Neurology and Immunology
With an extensive background in integrative medicine and as member of various neurosurgery teams specializing in monitoring and mapping brain and spinal cord surgeries, Dr. Marc Funderlich brings a whole new angle to the field of laser medicine. The objective in this course is to introduce doctors to key concepts in developmental neurology and immunology to lay a strong foundation of necessity. Along with this new academic knowledge, we will integrate case studies into each area of pediatric development discussed to ensure doctors understand the presentations that come into their office & have a well-defined direction on how to make a positive impact. Hands on neurologic exam procedures will be shown by Dr. Funderlich, either live or in video form from his fulltime practice. Effective laboratory analysis will be taught using real life patient results along with sharing the successfully interventions used to change findings for children with autoimmune or immunologic imbalance. Attendees will leave feeling empowered to not only care for their own children’s wellbeing but help the children in their practice victoriously.

Come and see how this comprehensive and hands-on examination approach of therapy will produce superior clinical outcomes for your patients!


Seminar Topics

About the Speaker

Jerome Rerucha, D.C. B.S., C.S.C.S., C.H.P.S.®

Certified Human Performance Specialist®


  • Owner of Performance Chiropractic & Wellness
  • Founder and Developer of:
    Health Integration Technique (H.I.T.)®
    Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)®

2051 Clearwater Drive                                                 706-467-9144

White Plains, GA 30678

www.performancepractic.com    jeromererucha@gmail.com

Education & training


Jerome Rerucha D.C., B.S., C.S.C.S. C.H.P.S.® is a practicing clinician, co-owner of Crossfit Eatonton with his wife, Jennette, and a speaker teaching integration of advanced clinical treatment applications and competitive strength and conditioning principles. Prior to clinical practice he was a full-time strength coach, competed in powerlifting for 14 years and won a Lifetime Drug Free World Title and The Best Lifter Award in 1999. Dr. Rerucha has been involved with numerous Division 1 strength programs. Having the personal competitive lifting experience, coaching numerous types of athletes and elite strength athletes provides additional benefits when teaching his dynamic clinical applications.

Guest Speaker for athletic programs, seminars, and health symposiums.

  • 2001 – Current Instructor with Erchonia Laser Healthcare – Sports medicine, soft tissue and rehabilitation protocols. Hundreds of seminars have been provided to clinicians of all disciplines using Erchonia technology and uses into clinical application.
  • 2001 – 2005    “How to Clone a Wellness Practice” with Dr. John Brimhall
  •                          S.W.I.S. 2002 (Symposium for Weight Training Injury Specialists)
  • 2005 – Current One hundred plus seminars with Dan Murphy DC teaching clinical applications.
  •              2005    Pan American Sports Congress
  • 2006 – 2008    Parker Seminars
  • 2007-2008    Florida Chiropractic Association
  •              2008    Alaska Chiropractic Association State Convention
  •              2009    Pro Sport Las Vegas
  •              2010    Georgia Chiropractic Association State Convention
  •              2010    Pro Sport Seattle
  •              2010    Florida Chiropractic Association Winter Convention
  • 2010 – 2011    Mississippi Chiropractic Association State Convention
  •              2011    New Mexico Chiropractic Association State Convention
  •              2011    Pro Sport Seattle
  •              2011    Texas Chiropractic College Homecoming
  •              2011    Pro Sport Las Vegas
  •              2012    Georgia Chiropractic Association State Convention
  •              2012    Pro Sport Minneapolis
  •              2012    Puerto Rico Chiropractic Association 4th Chiropractic Congress
  •              2012    Alaska Chiropractic Association State Convention
  •              2012    Parker Vegas National Convention
  •              2013    Idaho State Chiropractic Association
  •              2013    Alabama State Chiropractic Convention
  •              2013    Pro Sport Salt Lake City
  •              2013    Parker Seminars Denver
  •              2013    Nebraska State Chiropractic Association
  •              2014    Napa California Chiropractic Association
  •              2014    Pennsylvania State Chiropractic Association
  •              2014    ProSport Extreme Extremities
  •              2014    Parker Seminars Dallas
  •              2014    Wisconsin State Convention
  •              2014    New Hampshire State Chiropractic Convention
  •              2014    ProSort Las Vegas
  •             2015   Oregon State Chiropractic Association
  •             2015   Society for Weight Training Injury Specialists Symposium
  •             2016   Parker Vegas
  •             2016   FCA Spring
  •             2016   Life Homecoming
  •             2016   Alaska State convention
  •             2017   South Carolina State Chiropractic Association
  •             2017   Arizona State Chiropractic Convention
  •             2018   Tennessee Chiropractic Association State Convention
  •             2018   Life University Homecoming
  •             2019   Tennessee Chiropractic Association State Convention
  •             2019   Arkansas Chiropractic Society State Convention
  •             2019   ProSport Las Vegas
  •             2020   Arkansas Chiropractic State Convention
  •             2020   Life University Homecoming
  •             2020   Florida Chiropractic National Convention

Extensive training in Sacral Occiput Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Soft tissue/trigger point techniques, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Activator, Thompson Technique, Full spine adjusting, extremity adjusting, Total Body Modification, Clinical Exercise, Homeopathy, Animal Adjusting, Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine and more.

Techniques developed

Brain/Body FIT®

An advanced examination and treatment system that includes 15 registered trademarks; “Integrating Clinical Evaluation & Performance Enhancement®.” Teaching clinicians the art of creating a Brain BodyMap® and providing multidimensional correction involving adjustments, soft tissue, clinical exercises and much more.

Health Integration Technique (H.I.T.)®

A multidimensional system integrating the major healing arts and applying lab testing, nutrition, homeopathy and multiple modalities.

Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)®

is a multi-dimensional program that creates a “universal evaluation and language” to integrate clinicians, strength & fitness professionals and the clients they serve.

(F.I.T.)® is a standardized, active, reproducible, progressive system of patient/client evaluation.  (F.I.T.)® is used to determine symmetry, asymmetry, strength and conditioning imbalances, proper range of motion and the flexibility/inflexibility of hard and soft tissue components resulting in a three dimensional “BodyMap®”. The evaluation measures a person’s comprehensive neuro-musculo-skeletal-fascial, meridian system and “General Physical Preparedness” (GPP).

Imbalances are determined by evaluating and scoring single axis movements in standard planes of motion and graduating to multi-axial (skilled) movement patterns. Ultimately, the information transfers to open skilled activity in daily life or in elite athletic performance.  The results of the (F.I.T.)® evaluation then assists the integration of professional treatment recommendations.

The goal of (F.I.T.)® is for each clinician and/or performance specialist to excel in “active examination™” procedures and provide a treatment solution of specific Low Level Laser Therapy, adjustments, percussion and prescribed “Clinical Exercise” programs to correct and optimize beyond the concept of ideal neutral posture and to graduate to optimum (flexibility, strength, balance and agility) movement, function and performance patterns.


Powerlifting Titles

    • 1988    Nebraska 165 lb state champion and Outstanding Light Weight Lifter Award
    • 1988    Nebraska class B State Powerlifting Team Champion
    • 1989    Coach for the Nebraska State Class B State Powerlifting Team Champion and coached Heavy Weight Best                Lifter Award Winner; all state record holder Nick Worrell.
    • 1989   2nd place ADFPA (currently USAPL) Teenage Nationals 220 lb
    • 1989-1998          Numerous powerlifting competitions state, national, international powerlifting titles in 220 lb - 242 lb division
    • 1998    1st place WDFPF Pan Am Games, Best Lifter Award 1st place WNPF National Champion
    • 1999    1st place WNPF Georgia State Champion, Best Lifter Award; 1st place WNPF National Champion Best Lifter Award; 1st place WNPF World Champion Best lifter Award, Open Lifter of the Year Award.
    • 2001    1st place WNPF National Benchpress, Deadlift and Ironman Championships.
    • University of Alabama (1993) Strength and Conditioning internship under Gene Stallings (Head Football Coach) and Lebaron Caruthers (1993 Division 1 Strength Coach of the Year Award).
    • Life University (1998-March 2000) Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Rugby. Team achieved its first Super League Title, first team to achieve undefeated Super League season; National Title Runner Up.
    • Chiropractor for the 2008, 2009 USA World Powerlifting Team Members; Quest Duluth, GA; coach Sherman Ledford
    • Chiropractor for the 2008, 2009 USA National Weightlifting Team Members; Atlanta, GA
    • Chiropractor for the all time American Super Man Rated Strength Athlete Caleb Williams 2008-Current
    • Chiropractor / Strength and Conditioning Coach for Bellator MMA 2014 Welterweight (170 lb) World Champion Douglas Lima (strength and conditioning and chiropractic 2009 - 2019).
    • Chiropractor / Strength and Conditioning Coach for numerous state – world champion strength athletes.

Physician Information

Marc Funderlich Jr, B.P.S., D.C., C.C.S

17 Hanover Rd Ste 300                                            (724) 968-9497

Florham Park, NJ  07932

www.coretherapies.net  marcefunderlich@gmail.com

Work Experience


  • Specialized Clinic focusing on Pediatric Neurologic and Immunologically Complex Cases
  • Comanaging with a team of 6 other Chiropractors, 1 Acupuncturist, 1 Massage Therapist, and hyperbaric oxygen

NEW JERSEY HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY, Florham Park NJ, Lead on site clinician

  • Coordinating treatment plans and exams for children and adults


  • Speaking on a variety of topics for various institutions

ELITE NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, Neurosurgery centers across NJ , Electrodiagnostician

  • Intraoperative electro-diagnostic and mapping for brain and spinal cord surgeries


  • Interdisciplinary Neurophysiology specialized practice focusing on Biological Optimization
  • First Medical Marijuana Clinic in Pennsylvania
  • Responsible for overseeing and managing a staff team of MD’s, NP’s, DC’s, and allied professionals

morealle chiropractic, Pittsburgh PA, Chiropractor, Physical Rehabilitation Director

  • Lead Exercise Rehabilitation Clinician
  • Lead X-Rays technician


University of Pennsylvania Neuroscience discipline focus on Cognitive Pharmacology, current

Saint Elizabeth College BSN; working toward Nurse Practitioner, current

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) New York Chiropractic College (NYCC), Seneca Falls, NY, April, 2017

Bachelor of Professional Studies New York Chiropractic College (NYCC), Seneca Falls, NY, April, 2017

University of Virginal Medical School, Research Lab Work, Gait Biomechanics

Georgetown University Medical School, Leadership Fellow


Post Doctoral Work

  • Board eligible Functional Neurologist
  • Fellow of Childhood Developmental Disorders eligible
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Fellow (current)
  • Vestibular Rehab Fellow (current)
  • Functional Immunology work by Dr. Sam Yanuck of University of North Carolina
  • Mentored by Dr. Aristo Vojdani PHD researcher
  • Speaker on Pediatric Autoimmune Disorder treatment at the World Autoimmune conference , Greece 2020


Seminars and Certifications

·        IAFNR Member ·        Apex Functional Medicine Seminars
·        Advanced Whole Foods Nutrition Certification

·        TPI Certified

·        ICPA member



24 CEs Applied

DC States Applied for:  AR