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The Mind Body Connection – Revitalize Your Practice Through Neurological & TCM Advancements

Event Details

Sat September 9, 2023 - 8:00 AM HAST — Sun September 10, 2023 - 12:15 PM HAST

Location: Honolulu, HI

Moana Surfrider
2365 Kalakaua Avenue City
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 931-8676

Speaker: Trevor Berry DC DACNB
Dr. Dustin T. Dillberg DACM. L.Ac. PAS

CEU: 12

Price: $185.00$260.00

About the Seminar

Join Dr. Trevor Berry, a board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist & low-level laser expert as he pioneers the movement to connect the hemispheres of the human body & brain.  At the forefront of medicine, Dr. Berry’s background & extensive education will help bring to light advanced treatments for the brain diseases that are greatly affecting our society: Traumatic Brain Injury, Strokes, the Gut-Brain Axis, Autoimmunity, Pain & Inflammation, Basal Ganglia Disorders, Dementia & Alzheimer’s.  In coordination, Dr. Dillberg will provide the groundwork to understand the benefits of offering photobiomodulation in your TCM practice through live demo experience.

As specialists in this arena, they will take you through a patient’s health history, examination & documentation.  Special attention will be paid to neurological conditions and Dr. Berry’s treatment of them through advanced chiropractic care, lasers, labs & nutrition. They will bring together the big picture on how the central nervous system affects the body & influences many of the ailments our society suffers from & how TCM plays an integral role in patient health.


Seminar Dates and Times:
Registration: 7:30am
Saturday, September 9th  8:00am - 5:30pm HAST
Sunday, September 10th 8:00am - 12:15pm HAST

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Seminar Topics

  • Understand Basic Neurophysiology – the mechanism of healthy neuronal function and the foundation for neuroplasticity
  • Summarize & Explain Neuropathophysiology.
  • Categorize the mechanisms of neuronal disruption and cell death
  • Describe how lasers affect the common causes of neuronal injury
  • Measure the economic impact of neurological conditions in America.
  • Empathize Neurodegeneration and pain conditions and how we can influence the economic burden.
  • Reproduce technique to influence the central nervous system and human body function
  • Critique technology implementation for today’s practice
  • Integrate balance testing through using objective biomarkers for outcome assessments
  • Justify condition specific technique and applications for the most common neurological and chiropractic conditions
  • Outline FDA Market Cleared laser research and clinical applications
  • Support medical necessity through FDA cleared research
  • Demonstrate hands-on applications through workshops and their influence on the central nervous system
  • Summarize review of research, physiology, clinical applications and techniques
  • Understand the benefits of offering photobiomodulation in your TCM practice
  • Demonstrate many TCM modalities including: Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Therapeutic Exercise, & Breathwork.
  • Apply treatment ideas and clinical pearls to relate TCM to a neurology practice
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About the Speaker


Specialty: Chiropractic Neurologist

3800 W. RAY ROAD, #12
PH: (480) 756-2600
Fax:  (480) 756-0800
Website:  www.azchironeuro.com


Dr. Berry has 24 years of clinical, teaching and research experience in the fields of Neurology, Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Laser Therapy, Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Rehabilitation and Orthopedics. Dedicated to providing scientific and cutting-edge healthcare applications in a friendly, patient centered environment

Employment History

1997 - Present. Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Cent er. Owner/Physician

Co-ordinate and oversee all day-to-day operational aspects including staffing, scheduling, protocols, training, patient education, supply chain, budgeting, financials and all patient processing and treatment.


  • 1997-2000 Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board
  • 1993-1996 Doctor of Chiropractic. Parker University, Dallas, Texas
  • 1991-1993 Pre-medicine requisites. University of Calgary, Canada

Educational, Research and Teaching Qualifications

  • Over 3000 post-doctoral hours in Neurology including Traumatic Brain Injury Fellowship, Movement Disorders, Balance Disorders/Vestibular Rehab and Functional Medicine
  • IRB certified lead investigator for Level 1 FDA studies with over 4 years of research experience. 2012-2014 Erchonia researcher of the year award
  • Veterinary Osteopathic Manipulation Certification
  • Functional Neurological Orthopedic Rehabilitation training (FNOR) Multiple FDA clearance publications on Low-Level Laser Therapy Lead Educator for Erchonia Corporation, Xymogen, Vibrant Wellness and BTracks

Current Professional Licenses

  • Arizona Chiropractic Board of Examiners
  • American Chiropractic Neurology Board

Other Awards and Achievements

  • Class Salutatorian, Parker University 1996
  • Parker Scholastic Excellence Award 1996
  • Canadian Academic Excellence Grant 1996

Dr. Dustin T. Dillberg DACM. L.Ac. PAS

4366 Kukui Grove St. #200                                            (808) 652.6449

Lihue, HI  96766

www.painfree-kauai.com   dustindillberg@gmail.com

Skills Profile

  • Second Generation Doctor and Natural Healthcare Specialist
  • Hawaii Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Specializing in sports medicine, performance, movement patterns, corrective exercise, myofascial systems, functional neurology, lymphatics, breath work, laser therapy, natural pain management and functional medicine
  • Speaker, writer, and educator
  • Hawaiian Ocean Safety Certified // Tow-in Surf and Rescue Certified


Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Graduated 2019

Master of Science Traditional Oriental Medicine – completed 2007

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine- San Diego - 2003-2007, 2018-2019

  • Accredited academic and clinical hours of in-depth study including
    • Nutrition, Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, & Herbology
    • Psychology, Anatomy, Physiology, Etiology & Pathology
    • Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Functional & Natural Medicine


Egoscue University- San Diego - 2005-2010

  • Posture Alignment Specialist – 2007
  • Egoscue University Teaching Credentials - 2008


Pettibon Institute of Spinal Technologies- Gig Harbor - 2006-2008

  • Spine Rehab Technician/Pettibon Rehabilitation Therapy Specialist - 2007-2008


Bradford Institute- San Diego - 2006-2007

  • Functional Nutrition Testing and Treatment – 2007
  • Phase Contrast and Dark Field - High Resolution Blood Morphology Testing and Diagnosis

Professional Experience:

Owner and CEO

Pain Free Kauai INC - September 2011-Present

  • Founder and CEO organizing Clinic Operations
  • Inventing and Developing Therapy Protocols
  • Professional Experience (continued):
  • Carrying out treatment for thousands of patients
    • Including many Professional and Olympic level athletes.
  • Educational roles and speaking


Functional Medicine Consultant

Xymogen – June 2015- Present

  • Educational role for doctors/practitioners
  • Sales, Marketing, Scientific Consultant


Scientific Advisor – Product Development Consultant – KonaRed 2015-2016

Human Performance Specialist - Athlete Cell – 2013- 2015

Affiliate Instructor - Egoscue University/Institute - 2007- 2016

  • Member of Strategy Team
    • 1st affiliate instructor to be added to team
  • Instructing in Person & Online
    • Courses, Seminars, Study Groups, & Tutoring
  • Build Relationships and Listen to the needs of practitioners and students
  • Curriculum Development and Course Material Production

Natural Healthcare Specialist - Dillberg Integrated Healthcare - 2007- 2011

Clinical Acupuncturist –Intern - Rady Children’s Hospital –2005-2007

Working in depth with fellow practitioners/doctors in the Oncology, Hematology, and Chronic pain departments of the Hospital. Great experience in educating patients (children) and their families of complicated health issues in ways easily understood.

Team Manager - Famous Surf Wax and Accessories – 2003-2005

Focused around expanding the brand job included:

Organizing events, product presentations, team management, and helping unhappy clients feel completely satisfied

Co-Owner, Instructor, Surf Camp Developer - Kauai Surf School - 1999-2005

Water safety, Surf Instructor, Life Guard, Guide

Film Appearances:

  • Unstoppable – The Bethany Hamilton Story – interviewed throughout as Bethany’s sports medicine Doctor of acupuncture. Shown working with her and during her athletic training portion of film. Winner of Hawaii film festival etc. - To be released worldwide 6/2019
  • Soul Surfer – Sony Pictures – Athletic training role in real life footage at end of film -2011


  • Integrative Pain Perspectives – Acupuncture Today 3/2019
  • Body and Soul” – Co-authored book by Bethany Hamilton and Dustin Dillberg - 7/2014
  • Interview for cover story – American Fitness Magazine - 7/2013
  • 10 ways Class 4 laser therapy can help you - Inspiration Wellness Journal – Spring 2013
  • Your Knees – The Lynchpin of Mobility – Inspiration Wellness Journal – Fall 2011
  • Wall Street Journal - How do you work out? With Bethany Hamilton’s Trainer- Dustin Dillberg, WSJ(print and online) - May 2011
  • Sports Medicine and Therapy- Todd Anthony, TRX Training Journal – May 2011
  • Triumph over Adversity- Robin Jumper, Inspiration Wellness Journal - Winter 2011
  • Lifestyle Medicine 101, Kauai Business Report - March 2011
  • Secret to Health, Kauai Business Report – February 2011
  • Better Health in 2011- Kim Tamaoka, Garden Island Resolution Edition – January 2011
  • Best of East and West- Amanda Gregg, Midweek Kauai – December 2010
  • Kauai's Keiki Benefit with fitness course donation, Garden IslandApril 2010
  • Goal Setting- Pam Woolway, Garden Island – January 2010
  • Bringing Pain-Free Living to Kauai- Robin Jumper, Garden Island – October 2009

Lectures, Seminars, and Presentations:

  • “Beasutifully Flawed” Annual amputee retreat with Bethany Hamilton October 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 – Week of healthcare education presentations and coaching
  • “Athlete Cell” – 2 and 3 day workshop/camp settings full of performance education, 7 camps run and taught 2014-2015
  • “Integrative Laser Therapy” - Lecture - primary presenter at American Chiropractic Conference, American Acupuncture Conference, American Spa Conference, and American Massage Conference – September 2013
  • “Integrating Postural Testing and Therapy into Treatment” - American Chiropractic Conference, American Acupuncture Conference, American Spa Conference, and American Massage Conference – September 2013
  • “Advancements in Athletic Conditioning”, 2nd Annual Human Event. Kauai, HI. Egoscue University - October 2010
  • “Putting Posture First- Physical stimulus in a Holistic Paradigm” CHI Camp Honolulu. Cory Holly Institute. April 2010
  • “Eumuah Technique and Sports Medicine”, 1st Annual Human Event. San Diego. Egoscue University. October 2009
  • “Comprehensive Natural Healthcare with a Science based Paradigm” –American Biologics - International Symposium of Integrative Medicine, Montecatini, Italy July 2007 (Co-Lecture)
  • Frequent and Numerous:
    • Teaching Certification Seminars
    • Health events for large groups
    • Colleague focused presentations
    • Corporate health and wellness events
    • Courses for Egoscue University
      • Post-secondary Courses taught:
        • EM101- Pain, Posture, & Performance
        • EM103- Health Through Motion
        • EM201- Posture/Anatomy Identification
        • EM202-Symptoms and dysfunction
        • EM203- Functional Movement Assessment and Testing
        • EM204-Introduction to Corrective Exercise
        • EM206- Corrective Exercise- Application to Sports
        • SEM207- Posture Alignment Specialty Level 1
        • EM301- Advanced Posture Analysis and Explanation
        • EM302-Gait Analysis
        • EM304-Corrective Exercise- Clinical Implementation
        • EM306- Functional Strength and Conditioning
        • EM307- Posture Alignment Specialty Level 2
        • PF101- Beginner Patch Fitness
        • PF201- Advanced Boot-Camp Patch Fitness
        • PF303- Patch Functional Fitness Instructor/Advanced Certification
        • CE501- Mentoring
        • CE502- Posture, Respiratory System, and East-West Breathing
        • CE505- Posture Alignment Specialty Tutoring


12 CEs Applied NWHSU

DC States Applied for: HI, CA, AZ, CO, UT, NV, WY, MT, ID, OR, WA, AK

*Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) applies for CE Hours to the chiropractic state licensing boards in states surrounding the seminar location. If you need hours for other states, please contact NWHSU before the seminar at 952-885-5446. Certain restrictions apply.  *$75 extra for CEs (if needed).  Transcripts are sent out by email approximately 2 months after seminar completion.  If you need a copy sooner, please contact NWHSU directly at (952) 885-5446.  Please visit NWHSU’s FAQs for your CE Questions.