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GVL Laser

The Newest Addition to Cold Laser Therapy & The World’s Most Energetic Laser

We are excited to bring you the latest advancement in laser technology through rigorous clinical research and engineering. The GVL was shown to be the most effective wavelength combination for the increase of ROM and decrease in pain in a single session. This is currently the first and only green wavelength laser FDA cleared for pain and inflammation. Unique to the green wavelength is the ability to affect complex 3 in the Electron Transport Chain (ETC). No other wavelength can impact this complex, and it is critical for moving to complex 4 to produce ATP.

How it Works

Erchonia uses low level lasers in the visible light spectrum. The primary mechanism for the absorption of visible light photons is the elevation of electrons to higher energy levels. This is known as molecular excitement and can be explained deeper through visible/ UV Spectroscopy.

Visible light photons match the energy volt (eV) or frequency between the orbits of electrons to move the electron to a higher state (excite). It is in this excited state that chemical reactions of molecules occur. One of the most important chemical reactions is when photons of visible light energy strike certain atoms, that energy may push an electron to a higher energy level where it can be picked up by an electron acceptor. The electron transport chain uses the high-energy electrons to convert ADP into ATP. The electron transport chain (ETC) is the primary source of ATP production in the body and is vital for life!

Click below to learn more about the ETC and view our clinical trial results.

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For Medical Professionals

Any medical professional understands the significant benefits of an effective handheld treatment option. The “smartphone” size of the cord-free GVL device allows for easy portability between offices and enables staff to spend less time setting up equipment before each session. The intuitive GUI also ensures ease of use without any training or extensive knowledge.

The green & violet combo has profoundly impacted the potential of laser therapy. Contact us today for more information on purchasing this laser for your clinic.

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Hear from Lead GVL Clinical Investigators, Dr. Kirk Gair & Dr. Rob Silverman:


• Configuration: (2) 7.5 mW Line Generated Laser
Diodes with Patented Optics
• Wavelength: 520nm & 405nm
• Modulation: Constant Wave (CW) & Pulsed (Hz)
• 100 User Defined Memory Channels
• 1 Preset Protocol Channel
• Display: Full Color TFT Touchscreen Technology
• Power Source: 3.7 VDC Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
• Enclosure: Machined Billet Aluminum
• Weight: Less Than 1lb. (.30 kgs) (Device Only)
• Compliant to: ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality, ISO 14971 Risk Management, IEC 60601-1, 60601-1-2, IEC 60825-1
• Laser Class 2 / Device Class ll (USA); IIa (EU)