Laser Stands

Hands-Free Assistants

Double Flex Stand

Flex Stand
The Flex Stand is designed to provide the doctor a hands free environment while working with any of Erchonia’s lasers. Instead of the Doctor having to hold the laser in place on any treatment point the flex stand does it for you, it’s like having an assistant that never calls in sick. The Flex stand provides a plate in which the laser is highly accessible and a flexible arm which can hold the probe in any position, while the doctor can continue working. Constructed upon six casters, its lightweight tripod design makes it portable as well as extremely stable. Each Flex stand is subjected to a thorough Quality Assurance inspection in order to ensure that you receive the highest quality product.

VLS Single Flex Stand and XLR8 Single Flex Stand

The Single Flex Stand is designed specifically for the VLS and XLR8 “Smart Phone” lasers.  It comes pre-installed to fit both the VLS and XLR8 model lasers.  The flex arm is fully adjustable over any patient and holds the laser in the exact position the physician has placed it for laser treatment.