Advanced Laser Therapy Webinar Encore Presentation

Advanced Laser Webinar with Dr. Kirk Gair

Erchonia Base Station Webinar with Jerome Rerucha

Cold Laser Therapy with Dave Huff, DVM

Erchonia Violet Laser Webinar W/ Dr. Robert Silverman 01_18_17

Laser Therapy and FIT with Jerome Rerucha 12_14_16

Low Level Laser & Personal Injury: Illuminating Concepts for Greater Practice Success with Dr. Scott Tauber & Jerome Rerucha

Erchonia Violet Laser Webinar w/ Dr. Jerome Rerucha

Handheld Laser Webinar

Laser Healthcare Webinar Series – Part 1 (What is Laser Healthcare) with Dr. Jerome Rerucha-20140513 1753-1

Laser Healthcare Webinar Series – Part 2 (Laser Demonstration) with Dr. Jerome Rerucha-20131210 1853-2

Laser Healthcare Webinar Series – Part 2 (Laser Demonstration) with Dr. Jerome Rerucha-20140325 1741-1

Training Videos:

PL5000 Training Video (Part 1) ~ Intro & Neck & Shoulder Protocol



DPM Webinar – The Erchonia FX635 and Lunula

Erchonia FX635 Webinar with Jerome Rerucha, DC

Marketing Videos:

Erchonia FX 635 Laser ~ FDA Cleared for Plantar Fasciitis & Chronic Heel Pain




DPM Webinar – The Erchonia FX635 and Lunula

Onychomycosis Treatment Webinar with Kerry Zang, DPM

Marketing Videos:

NEW Weapon in the War on Toenail Fungus – Introducing the Lunula Laser

Lunula Foot Device B Roll

Lunula Consumer Piece




Zerona Webinar 03_21_17

Marketing Videos:

Zerona 60

Zerona Overview

Erchonia Zerona Science English

Zerona-Z6 B Roll

MyZerona Tradeshow Loop




Verju Webinar with Dr. Roman 07_19_17

Marketing Videos:

Verju Sizzle Cellulite

Verju Sizzle Body Contouring

Verju_Doctors Show 3-9-16

The Doctors Show Features Verju Laser System (2014)

Verju Marketing Loop for Offices with Testimonials (High Res)




Cell Phone Radiation Reducer Webinar – The R2L!

Erchonia Percussor and Adjustor Technique Webinar with Dr. Jerome Rerucha-20140506 1758-2

Marketing Videos:

Cell Phone Radiation News Video

Training Videos:


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