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Trevor Berry, DC, DACNB to Discuss Erchonia’s Low Level Laser Technology for Pain Treatment at the 2019 Arizona Association of Chiropractic Annual Convention on Friday, June 7

PHOENIX, June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Trevor Berry, DC, DACNB today announces he will be presenting at the upcoming 2019 Arizona Association of Chiropractic Annual Convention on Friday, June 7 at 2:00 p.m. at the Black Canyon Conference Center in Phoenix. During his session, he will discuss Erchonia’s low level laser technology and in particular its FDA clearances to market its ability to treat chronic lower back pain, chronic neck and shoulder pain and heel pain from plantar fasciitis — all without using drugs or invasive surgeries.

Dr. Berry comments, “I am thrilled to be presenting at Arizona Association of Chiropractic Annual Convention. I am excited to share more information about low-level laser technology and how it’s been proven to significantly treat pain in a variety of ways. It’s helped me treat patients more effectively in my practice based in Chandler.”

“We are very excited by the growth that we are achieving across the world,” adds Charlie Shanks, VP of Erchonia. “We are confident Erchonia lasers will continue to prove to be the prominent choice for those seeking laser therapy. Dr. Berry is an impeccable speaker who steadfastly continues to increase the understanding of laser therapy. His presentation in Phoenix will be second to none.”

Erchonia relies on double-blind, randomized, multi-site and placebo-controlled clinical trials in order to secure FDA market clearances for its low-level laser technology.

For more information about Dr. Berry, please visit www.azchironeuro.com or call (480) 756-2600. For more information on Erchonia, please visit www.erchonia.com.

About Erchonia Corporation
Based in Melbourne, Florida, family-owned Erchonia is the global leader in the manufacturing and development of low-level laser therapy technology (“3LT”). From humble beginnings in a garage in 1996, Erchonia today develops and sells the most advanced, non-invasive 3LT medical equipment on the market in over 50 countries. With 14 different market clearances from the FDA, Erchonia remains passionately committed to effective, research-based 3LT solutions for a wide variety of conditions — from managing chronic pain to promoting fat loss. For more information, please visit www.erchonia.com.