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Erchonia Receives 7th FDA Market Clearance for Non Invasive Fat LossJune 09, 2015 2:53 PM
Erchonia Receives 7th FDA Market Clearance for Non Invasive Fat Loss New once a week protocol allows for more treatment flexibility   McKinney, TX- June 2, 2015- Erchonia announces today that they have received their 7th 510(k) market clearance and the 2nd in 2015 from the US FDA for non-invasive fat loss which is measured by circumference reduction. Erchonia has also been published 20 times in journals and text books with our patented laser processes. Erchonia has been researching fat loss since 1998 and has performed several level 1 blinded and controlled clinical trials on circumference reduction. “We have more 510(k) market clearances on non-invasive fat loss than all other companies combined” stated Steven Shanks President of Erchonia Corp. The new study was performed on 54 subjects who participated in a once a week treatment for (6) weeks; the results showed that patients continued to see a reduction 2 weeks post treatment which is believed to