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Benefits of Implementing Laser Therapy in Your Practice

benefits of implementing laser therapy in your practice

If you’re looking for new ways to provide effective treatments for your patients, laser therapy has numerous benefits. Also known as cold laser therapy, low-level laser therapy is an innovative treatment modality that can effectively improve the symptoms of many medical conditions. By investing in revolutionary laser technology, your practice can stand apart from competitors and increase patient satisfaction.

5 Laser Therapy Benefits for Your Practice

These days, it’s often smart to be on the cutting edge of new medical treatments, as you always want to be able to meet your patients’ ever-changing needs. However, adding innovative health solutions takes time and effort, so you want to be sure you’re making the correct decision. Knowing the benefits of laser therapy for a practice will help you understand further why laser therapy can be a terrific choice.

1. Provide Effective Treatments

Innovative laser technology can treat lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, neck and shoulder pain, toenail fungus, fat loss and many other medical conditions. It offers your practice a way to provide highly effective treatments that can successfully improve symptoms without the long downtime or side effects that some traditional procedures or surgeries may carry. One of the main benefits of low-level laser therapy is that it uses lower wavelengths and frequencies, which protects the tissue.

2. Offer Non-Invasive Therapies

Many patients may seek out non-invasive treatments and therapies to improve chronic pain and other health concerns. These treatments can relieve painful symptoms without patients having to undergo extensive surgery or traditional therapies, prioritizing a shorter recovery period. As a result, many patients seek out non-invasive treatment modalities because they provide a noticeable relief of symptoms without the lengthy downtime associated with traditional surgery.

3. Generate Additional Revenue

Investing in low-laser technology can help your practice generate additional revenue and attract new patients. Upgrading equipment in your practice can also help save money. Some older or outdated equipment may not perform as well as newer or more efficient technology, which can deter patients who are looking for effective and accessible treatments.

By investing in high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment, you can increase efficiency and productivity in your practice. Providing patients with a smooth, seamless experience can help create lasting relationships with clients and encourage repeat business, which will potentially make you more money.

4. Integrate Innovative Technology

Modernizing your practice with innovative technology allows you to treat a wider range of conditions. Low-level lasers often allow you to provide comprehensive treatments with fewer pieces of equipment than some traditional treatments require. Consolidating the amount of equipment you need can help you maximize your practice’s productivity.

In addition to minimizing the equipment needed, cold laser therapy is a fully customizable treatment. Allowing you to adjust treatments for patients, many patients prefer these types of treatment because they can experience impressive results tailored to them. There are even ways for practitioners to combine multiple laser treatments into one procedure for the best results possible.

5. Prioritize Patient Safety

Both patient safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance for any practice. Integrating laser technology can minimize potential treatment risks and negative side effects for patients, ensuring their safety during and after a laser treatment. Traditional cosmetic surgeries or procedures typically require incisions, stitches and anesthesia, raising the potential risk of an adverse reaction.

Additionally, standard pain relief treatments often include opioid pain relievers, which patients can potentially misuse. The short- and long-term use of pain relievers can cause many adverse side effects. To prioritize patient safety and health, medical professionals should consider non-surgical treatments whenever possible.

implementing laser therapy in your practice

Implementing Laser Healing Therapy in Your Practice

By adding laser treatments to your practice, you can diversify the range of conditions you treat and grow your patient base. When implementing laser technology into your practice, it’s important to keep a few considerations in mind:

  • Understanding patient needs: First and foremost, it’s essential you understand your patients’ demographics and unique needs. When considering laser equipment, you’ll want to make sure your patients may need and benefit from this treatment.
  • Educate staff on new equipment: As you prepare to incorporate low-level laser treatments into your practice, you’ll want to ensure all staff members are educated and informed about the new services you’ll be offering.
  • Market your services: Let existing patients and potential patients know you’re now offering unique laser treatments. In-office pamphlets, emails and other forms of marketing can help spread the word about your new equipment and services.

Erchonia Laser Types

Erchonia is a leading manufacturer and provider of low-level lasers, which are market cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the use of foot fungus, chronic back pain and other health concerns. The innovative technology of an Erchonia laser allows you to offer patients an effective treatment without the potential adverse side effects that often occur with traditional surgery.

Cold Lasers for Pain

Cold laser therapy utilizes different wavelengths and outputs of light to the targeted treatment area. As the body absorbs this light, a physiological reaction promotes the regeneration of unhealthy or damaged cells. Cold lasers are designed to precisely target muscles and tissues to stimulate the body’s natural healing cycle.

Many low-level laser therapies for pain use different wavelengths, providing various forms of healing and improving treatment versatility. This flexibility allows medical professionals to use a single device to effectively treat a broad range of causes that may lead to chronic back pain. Additionally, the versatility of low-level laser treatment can help medical providers customize a treatment for each patient, creating a unique regimen designed around their personal needs.


LASERSculpting uses revolutionary laser technology to provide body contouringcellulite treatments and more. Non-invasive body contouring can treat stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to traditional diet and exercise. An important benefit of cold laser body contouring is that it can provide noticeable results without the risks of traditional cosmetic surgery.

Low-Level Lasers for Foot Fungus

Low-level laser therapy can be an effective treatment for onychomycosis, more commonly referred to as nail fungus. While this fungal infection typically occurs on the feet and toenails, it can also occur on the fingernails. Cold laser therapy is a safe and easy-to-use treatment modality that can target the cause of toenail fungus at its source.

The wavelengths and frequencies used during cold laser treatments are significantly lower than traditional methods and don’t warm the skin. Therefore, this low-level technology can ensure that only a fungal infection is targeted and treated while preserving the health and integrity of surrounding tissues and structures.

World Leaders in Low-Level Laser Technology

Erchonia remains committed to furthering the advancement of cold laser therapy through rigorous scientific and clinical studies to prove the efficacy and efficiency of low-level laser therapy. We care about clinicians and patients, so we strive to provide extensive research performed under strict clinical trial conditions. Incorporating cold laser technology into your practice can help you provide your patients with effective treatments without the pain or risk associated with traditional lasers.

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