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Zap the Fat Away, Literally www.mynews4.com May 19, 2011

It’s a laser that literally shrinks the fat cells in your body. There’s just one place in town where you can find the new technology. A fat zapping laser sounded too good to be true, so News 4’s Mackenzie Warren took a closer look…

Carrie Anderson has fought the scale most of her adult life. She’s tried everything-wacky fad diets, even surgery. “I actually did have liposuction several years ago and while happy initially with the results fat came back in other spots,” says Anderson.

Anderson decided to try a newer procedure that targets those trouble spot. She chose the Zerona laser at the Esteem Medical Spa inside Posh Salon on Crummer Lane. After 12 weeks, Anderson lost nearly 14 inches. Doctor Michael Glass, owner of Esteem Medical Spa, says the cold laser reduces the size of fat cells in the body, creating tiny holes in the cell. Once the contents seep into your body’s circulation, they’re metabolized and exit the body harmlessly. After a double-blind study the FDA approved Zerona for both safety and effectiveness.

The machine looks like an octopus with five arms. Each projects laser beams onto the stomach, thighs and waist: all in an attempt to sculpt your body into how you’d like it to look. “I’ve lost inches all over my body-places I didn’t expect my neck,” Anderson says proudly.

Each session takes 40 minutes and about six sessions in two weeks for a full effect. There is no anesthesia, pain killers needed, or down time afterwards. Anderson says she can’t even feel a thing when she’s getting the treatment.

Zerona isn’t cheap. Esteem charges $1800 for a month-long program that includes a two-week session with laser sessions every other day. There’s a week of prep beforehand and a week of measuring and assessments after the sessions. Dr. Glass says results are best if patients work out during the treatment. He also tells his patients to avoid coffee and alcohol since those beverages can change the water balance in your body. Dr. Glass says the procedure is safe with no known side effects.

And for Anderson the feeling of buttoning those forbidden skinny jeans makes Zerona worth every minute and penny.

Can You Zap Away Fat With a Laser? Self’s Beauty Director Gives Her Results

Can You Zap Away Fat With A Laser?
Friday, July 22, 2011 at 9:41 AM   |  posted by selfeditor
SELF’s Beauty Director, Elaine D’Farley tested out three revolutionary anti-aging beauty treatments and bravely documents every detail. First up, the Zerona laser!
I love learning and when it comes to fat reduction I’m fascinated. There are lots of exciting things going on in the world of lasers, lights, and radio frequency treatments. For example, I was interested in Zeltiq when I heard about it. Cleared by the FDA in 2010 as a body contouring treatment, it uses a gel patch attached to a machine that freezes fat cells, making them self-destruct and get re-absorbed into the body over several months. I quickly set up an appointment and suddenly found myself strapped to a chair getting ready to freeze my pooch off, i.e. destroy my fat, when I realized I didn’t want to. Personally, the idea of killing part of my body to be slimmer seems counter intuitive to being healthy. When the nurse offered me ‘my last chance’ to disengage from the machine and call off the procedure, I did. I ran back to the office a bit traumatized but relieved. Then I heard about Zerona and WENT FOR IT..read on to see and hear about the results!
Zerona is a cold laser that helps fat cells develop pores allowing the stuff inside to empty out, flattening the fat cells, and then your body excretes it, just like when you detox, no self destruction required. I was intrigued. I liked the idea that my fat cells would remain intact, merely getting opened and drained, it made me feel more secure to know that the Zerona laser was encouraging and helping the body to do what it does naturally when you lose weight. I signed up for a consultation. I showed up at Dr. Jame Heskitt‘s office a bit wary. She was concise, quick and completely thorough in her description of the procedure along with being really knowledgeable about everything else out there, I trusted her. I decided to sign up for the six treatments.
On the designated day I showed up at 8:30am after dropping off my daughter at school and we did the “before” photos. Knowing how detailed SELF’s research team can get regarding these types of photos I was pleased to see little foot marks where you place your feet so that when you take the after photos you stand in exactly the same spot in the same way. Then I got measured. Next, I lay down on the bed with the lasers above me. It is completely painless; in fact it’s relaxing. I read and relaxed and 20 minutes later Dr. Jame popped in and turned me over. I marveled at the lights lingering over me like a benign octopus, noiselessly targeting my fat. It felt a little too good to be true. I returned five more times.

In between sessions I felt great, it was fun this idea of melting my fat while doing – ahem – nothing. You can’t drink alcohol while doing the treatments, so perhaps my diminished wine intake over 2 weeks helped melt a little fat too but however it works, I’ll take it. After the last session Dr. Jame told me to come back a week or so later because more fat would melt. I returned, we measured, and I lost! It worked: 9.5 inches overall. Here is the data to prove it:

 — Elaine D’Farley, SELF Beauty Director
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Veterinary Practice News December Issue We Don’t Claim It — We Prove It!

Veterinary Practice News December 2012 Issue

We Don’t Just Claim It—We Prove It!
Educational Series Article:  Class 3 Laser – Less is More
– By Janet Gordon, DVM
Veterinary Practice News December Issue

Verju – First Green Laser to be Given FDA Market Clearance

The Verjú laser system is made up of (6) low level laser beams that sweep the area of concern for the appearance of cellulite treatment period of 15 minutes (15 minutes per area).  The region is then massaged with the Erchonia percussion device for two minutes per area treated.  For body contouring, treatment period of 30 minutes (15 minutes per area front and back).  There is no pain involved, no heating of the tissue, no incisions and patients can continue their daily routines immediately following their session. No diet and exercise is required, but should be encouraged for maximum benefit. The Doctor will determine the number of treatments depending on their assessment of what grade level the cellulite is.

-Most Advanced Treatment for the Appearance of Cellulite.
-Pain Free Procedure with No Downtime Afterwards.
-No Side Effects or Adverse Events.
-Results in as Little as Two Weeks.



Verju Sizzle Video – Body Contouring from Erchonia Corporation on Vimeo.

XLR8 by Erchonia – The World’s Most Advanced Laser

Introducing the Newest Line of Cold Lasers from Erchonia®

One revolutionary new handheld laser device with three FDA 510(k)market clearances. This dual-diode laser features an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI), with a sleek new cord-free design. With user definable channels and preset protocols, cold laser has just become more flexible than ever before. Experience the freedom of this incredible new technology— XLR8 your patient’s recovery!

PL5000 Training Video Available Online

PL5000 Training Video is now available online!

To better serve our customers, the PL5000 Training Video is now available for download on our Vimeo video channel.Erchonia PL5000 Training Video


Please visit the Erchonia channel at https://vimeo.com/user11225747
or go directly to the
PL5000 Training Video at https://vimeo.com/66162833
to stream or download.
 Erchonia PL5000 Training Video

Erchonia’s Verjú Laser System will be Featured on The Doctors on May 2nd, 2014 www.verju.com

Erchonia’s new Verjú laser system will be featured on the national syndicated daytime television program, The Doctors. Please check your local listings to tune in. The Verjú laser system will be demonstrated and discussed as the new FDA-cleared, safe and effective solution for the non-invasive treatment of

Erchonia’s Verjú Laser Systemcellulite on the thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen and for non-invasive body contouring of the waist, hips, and thighs.

For more information on the Verjú laser system, please visit www.verju.com or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/erchonia or to set up an appointment or webinar, please contact us at 888.242.0571.

To find a Verjú laser system Physician, please visit www.verju.com/find-a-provider/

The Doctors Show Features the Verju Laser System May 2nd, 2014

The NEW PL Touch Laser!