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Podcast Ep. 71: Growing Up in Family Business with Aaron Shanks & Kristy Sammons

laser light show

Dr. Chad Woolner: What’s going on everybody Dr. Chad Woolner here with Dr. Andrew Wells. And on today’s episode of the laser light show, we have with us, Aaron Shanks and Kristy Sammons. We’re excited to chat with them. So let’s get to it.



Dr. Andrew Wells

Dr. Chad Woolner

Aaron Shanks

Kristy Sammons


Growing up in Portland, Oregon, I used to love going to laser light shows at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry; they would put on these amazing light shows with incredible designs synced up to some of my favorite music from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to Jimi Hendrix and Metallica. They were awesome. Little did I know then that lasers would have such a profound effect on my life decades later. As a chiropractic physician, I have seen firsthand just how powerful laser therapy is at helping patients struggling with a wide range of health problems. As the leader in laser therapy, Erchonia has pioneered the field in obtaining 20 of the 23 total FDA clearances for therapeutic applications of lasers. On this podcast, we’ll explore the science, technology, and physiology behind what makes these tools so powerful. Join me as we explore low-level laser therapy. I’m Dr. Chad Woolner along with my good friend Dr. Andrew Wells, and welcome to the laser light show. All right, welcome to the show, everybody, and a special welcome to Aaron and Kristy. Good to have you both on the show with us.


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Aaron & Kristy Sammons: Good to be here. It’s exciting.


Dr. Chad Woolner: So official titles, I’m gonna botch this but I know Aaron, you’re in charge of marketing at Erchonia and Kristy, you’re in charge of all the CE events and or all other events. Is that correct? Give us official titles, intros all that fun stuff.


Kristy Sammons: Trade Show and event coordinator.


Aaron Shanks: Marketing Director


Dr. Chad Woolner: Marketing director, and if I’m not mistaken, you guys are siblings, correct?


Aaron Shanks: Yep.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Brothers?


Aaron Shanks: She’s an older sister.


Dr. Chad Woolner: That’s awesome. We tried to pin down Christy and Charlie, who is the VP of the company, who is also Kristy’s father. But Charlie has been MIA this entire time. And so we’re gonna take this moment to shame him. And we are definitely excited to get to chat with Charlie at some point in time. But we are also equally, if not more, so excited to chat with both of you guys today. So yeah, tell us a little bit about your guys’ story, how you guys kind of got into the roles you’re now in. I think people would love to hear that.


Aaron Shanks: Yeah, so I mean, I started originally working in the assembly. So I’ve actually been there already for like 15 years starting young, just even from, you know, walking in on Fridays to see and how the business was working just slowly as 16 and 17, kind of doing sub-assembly parts for the lasers for customers EVs and things like that. And after kind of working on a lot of the sub-assemblies over time, I started getting full-time into working on specific products. So I was actually a full-time tech at one point for the EBS, worked in the percussion and adjuster section, then finally got to a full-time position actually building our handhelds, which was pretty cool. Wow. After that, I spent a few years in the service department. And kind of that’s when I started pivoting; I really wanted to kind of get into the sides of marketing, obviously, because of my dad, but also really liked design, you know, movie directing, and I was always into that when I was younger. So when I was in service, I started kind of finding opportunities as like half projects, working on the weekends and things like that for like graphic design, kind of started taking a liking to it, but also found that was an actual opportunity for our company at the time that I really could start learning that. So it was kind of doing that part-time until I got efficient enough to actually start really doing some projects that were a professional level to actually start using for Erchonia. So did graphic design for about six or seven years. But and then kind of the same thing. Like as I was getting better and better design. I was slowly trying to soak up as much knowledge from my dad as I could, you know, watching him going through the meetings, what’s he talking about? How is he kind of doing this, and he was slowly kind of grooming me for, you know, different ways to look at the design don’t just design a graphic but kind of look at the end pitch or what we’re trying to accomplish with it, which I think really kind of helped me start soaking it in when I finally got more involved with marketing to then look back on the designs and really try to figure out the full picture of what we’re doing. So I think that really helped from you know, a lot of aspects won’t even be in now that you’re finally in marketing before that actually got to see kind of the whole back end of how the company works and ran. So I think it really helped in marketing, but it’s it’s Crazy to now even see, you know, like your guys’s podcast is starting it’s amazing that are going he has a podcast for us. Like I remember these lasers being in, you know, Kevin’s dinner table, and you’d walk over Steve’s house and there’s nothing but you know, white research labels and these little mock-ups to now, you know, having 20,000 downloads I think or something like that on our podcast. And so it’s, it’s, it’s pretty incredible to see all this kind of form together to be what it is, thanks to my dad and Kevin and John and Steve and all them. So it’s been a mess. Yeah, yeah, that’s Yeah, yeah, you guys have done, I mean, your families have done a really good job of curating just an amazing family-led company. And I love the story about you when you’re younger, you know, assembling things and being a part of manufacturing. I remember, my wife grew up in her dad was a small business owner; he was in the woodworking business. So he would make and design and sell tools for woodworking. And so in their house might when my wife was young, she was you know, 910 12 years old. And the off time he would give her like, really menial tasks to do like you had to sort. They had this thing, and her family was called eight and eight and eights. So eight nights were like, you had to package eight bolts with eat nuts and put them in a package and that what happened was my, my father in law started getting complaints like, hey, there’s not enough bolts. So my father in law would like, you know, he’d get this, he’s like, Hey, all you have to do is make sure it’s eight and eight, just it’s really simple. So you can’t watch cartoons when you’re doing this anymore. Like, yeah, they would develop things like they would count the eight and eight. And then they would use a scale to actually wait to make sure that the weight made sense. And so that was kind of their quality control and assembly. But, you know, it’s really, it’s fun to hear those stories when you have, you know, companies that you’re built out of a garage and out of a house, and then they start to grow. And to your point, Aaron, like, that’s awesome, we have a podcast. And it’s, it, it, it’s fun to be a part of that. And we’re a very, very small part of that. But it’s fun to be kind of on the periphery and just watch not only what you guys have have gone through to develop this company, but now that 1000s of patients and doctors will probably millions of patients at this point that have benefited from that. It’s such a cool, such a cool, like, it’s just a classic, like American story, like, built out of a need. And now it’s you know, now it’s a worldwide company. It’s just It’s pretty, pretty, it’s pretty amazing. Yeah, it’s hard for us to even imagine it’s at that point right now. Yeah.


Kristy Sammons: We truly are.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Yeah, and I wanted to touch on just the point you kind of alluded to Aaron, and that is what an important crossover in your background and experience of having literally from the ground up seen from top to bottom the operations and been physically involved and what a powerful part that has played no doubt in your marketing of the company, right? Because it would be one thing if Erchonia just hired some sort of an outside consulting or marketing agency to come in, and they’re like, “We have a general idea of what this is all about.” This is coming from somebody who, through and through, knows from top to bottom exactly what you are marketing, right? And so that’s something when we teach and train practitioners Andrew and myself, you know that the thing that we, and it’s gonna sound like so superficial when I say it, but it’s like the truth. The fundamental like piece and foundation of your marketing needs to be this deeply instilled belief in what you are marketing, right? Yes. And, and people like, again, I know people like like, “Yeah, I get it, I get it.” And I’m like, “No, you don’t really get it unless you buy into it, you know, you got to—we jokingly say you got to drink that Kool-Aid, you know, you got to really, really do that.” And so that’s a no doubt such an important part of what has transpired to where you’re at now for sure.


Aaron Shanks: And it’s funny you said that because that has got to be probably my dad’s number one thing that he’s instilled dealing with anything in marketing and collaborations and influencers has always been his number one thing. We never want to be involved with people that do not truly believe in the product because people when you feel that, like if someone’s talking about something on a pitch that you have made, maybe paid for versus someone’s going, you know, “I don’t know how to make the best pitch. I don’t fully understand this. All I can tell you guys is it works. I used it; I believe in it. And everyone that Erchonia uses it every single day believes in it. So it was great working with you guys and the same thing. You guys started this podcast, but hey, look, you know, we’re using these lasers. This is incredible. We want to get more involved with Erchonia and involved in something like this.” So yes, it’s related was my dad’s number one thing for us all Always.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Yeah, for sure, for sure. So Kristy, tell us your story. Now it’s your turn.


Kristy Sammons: Okay. Very similar to my brother’s a lot of shots. Started in the mailroom when I was like 16, it’s after school job kind of similar to your wife doing the stuffings for our mailers that felt very tedious, got in trouble all the time for stamping stuff upside down. And then I actually helped out in shipping for a long time and got to work with my brother again in repair. That was kind of fun because I got to tell him what to do a little bit. I really enjoyed that a lot because I got to speak to our customers and really get like an inside knowledge of what they’re dealing with on the other side. And again, like being in the position I’m in now you have an appreciation, from top to bottom, every different position where when you haven’t worked in those in the past, you don’t really put all the pieces together so people don’t see, you know, “This affects us. And this affects that when you’ve worked all over, it helps put it all together. From there, I got pretty interested in like the marketing and the event side of things. So I got put into tradeshow coordination for quite a while and really fell in love with not even more. So the design part of it like my brother, I think we’re naturally creatives, but more the problem-solving. And I think that’s why I like for parents so much because it’s a lot of problem-solving. From there kind of took over the whole division, which has been really awesome.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Well, and the thing I would say, having worked with you personally, in the event space is it’s really is impressive to see just how well you do problem solve. I mean, again, just the little bit that we’ve seen, it’s a very—I will use the term dynamic process, right, where you’ll set up an event and everything’s like set, quote, unquote, set, it’s got everything, and then all of a sudden, last minute, they’re like, throw you a curveball, no, this needs to be changed or tweaked or whatever. And it’s it is it’s impressive to see how quickly you pivot and you’re like, “Okay, well, we’re gonna change this and tweak this and then do this.” And I personally don’t know if I could do that. I don’t—I don’t do well with, ask Andrew, working with me, I don’t do well with a lot of change and things on the fly like that. Sometimes I just, I really like things to be more rigid. So that’s impressive to see that whole whole process.


Kristy Sammons: Helps when you’re passionate about what you do too. It’s something that you enjoy doing. So it comes a little easier than a job that you’re not necessarily passionate about. So


Aaron Shanks: For sure that is in our business meetings too, incredible. If you just look even over the last five years of what our business meeting was to what it became. I mean, that was literally all her planning those events just became this, you know, back then, and we literally were getting doctors together to go golf. And, you know, just just to kind of bring everyone in to talk and now it’s this three day extravaganza. I mean, yes, he’s done an incredible job with that stuff. I mean, even on our last event, it was almost kind of intimidating. You walk me like, “Oh my god, this is a crazy event. Your sister’s got the clip war in the security next year, whether she’s got the little earpiece, and you’re like, ‘Hey, can I talk to you? Or like, do I need to ask somebody if I get it?'”


Dr. Chad Woolner: That’s amazing. And I would have to imagine Kristy a lot of the enjoyment with what you’re doing now comes with working with the doctors, the professionals, the experts that you get to work with, you get some amazing Doc’s that you get to kind of rub shoulders with and work with in that arena.


Kristy Sammons: Absolutely. At first, it was very intimidating because being Charlie’s daughter, everyone knows who you are. But you don’t necessarily know who everyone is. Yeah, over the years, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of amazing doctors and hear all the amazing stories. And that’s pretty awesome. Especially like Aaron said at these business meetings, we really do get to connect with everyone. And that’s my favorite meeting just because we do get a lot of face to face time. But we don’t usually get sitting behind our desks doing our jobs. So


Aaron Shanks: That was common. I think it was correct me if I’m wrong, Chad, Dr. Mike Powell, we just had on the podcast said the same really the same thing about the business meeting, but also the events that you guys put on is that the people who attend those events not only get to hear from some of the smartest Doc’s in healthcare, but they also get to actually meet them and talk to them and understand how they’re using lasers. And it’s a unique event. Like you don’t typically go to events like that where you see someone on stage, they’re up on stage and they’re gone and then they leave the event. And then like, “Oh, that was a really cool talk and what you guys have done. And Kristy, you, I think you’ve done a really good job of creating events that are really personal, personable and personal. And that actually come out there like, you get to rub shoulders with some of the kind of the icons and it’s amazing. And then thankfully, they still do the golf event . That was the part that I was nervous about because I don’t golf and and I walked away from that first one. Like, I think it was the second time I’d ever played golf. And I told Joseph after that I’m like, “I’m a golfer now. Like, it was so cool. We had such a blast. Just just kind of, you know, kick it back and have fun. And that was really special to


Kristy Sammons: when we want people to leave inspired and we want them to leave having a good time. So that’s kind of our goal for those meetings.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Mission accomplished. Yeah, those are amazing. You’re Kristy, you’re also involved with outside coordination of non Erchonia, like for like Parker, and things like that? Correct. So you coordinate all of those as well.


Kristy Sammons: Again, get to meet some really awesome people. And a lot of the trade show coordinators for some of the DC side, Yeah. they’re also doctors too. So it’s really cool to be able to talk to them. And then when they get to using our laser, they’re like, “This is amazing. We want you guys at every event.” So yeah, a lot of relationships that way too, which has been great. So


Dr. Chad Woolner: for perspective for everybody listening, how many events per year Are you coordinating? What does that look like?


Kristy Sammons: Um, we typically do 70 Yeah, 70 ish events never take


Dr. Chad Woolner: you out of the lot. That is a lot of events. And the thing too, is that’s not just the coordination of the events, but also just the geographical coordination, the travel arrangements, the hotel arrangements that you know, everything behind the scenes that is like, you know, a full time job, I think, is putting that lightly in terms of how to coordinate all that. That’s incredible. Really, really


Aaron Shanks: ask that question, and the listeners can’t see. Because this is only an audio podcast, but we can see each other we’re actually recording this on Zoom. And we when you ask that question, Chad, I don’t know if you noticed this, Kristy, you took a deep breath in and a big it’s a lot to juggle


Kristy Sammons: balls on the weekend with something happening.


Dr. Chad Woolner: For reference, you know, our story with Erchonia goes back to it started at a Parker seminar.


Kristy Sammons: I remember you guys, I didn’t remember you when you said it. And then when we were there, I was like, I do I remember this


Dr. Chad Woolner: Now. And it was funny because for those, and I don’t know if we’ve shared this story on this podcast or not before, but basically what happened was, we first met Penny. We had her on our simplified functional medicine podcast, which is still there, we still do that podcast, too. And we interviewed her and she just blew us away. We were like, holy cow, if Penny is any sort of an indication of, you know, and that and that’s the truth that’s held true. It’s like, you know, just she is a great representation of the caliber of people that are there. And so that led to


Dr. Andrew Wells: Us. Sorry. I just want to add to this. Yeah. Right. Before we interviewed Penny, we actually interviewed somebody from another laser company. And we’re like, oh, lasers are pretty cool. And like that this is interesting. And then we interviewed penny, and we’re like, Whoa, yeah, that’s actually how that happened. And we’re like, Patty made such a big impression on us because she was so good at articulating why you should use lasers. And we were like, so naive. We’re like, oh, you could use lasers for musculoskeletal pain? And she’s like, No, you can use it for everything. And we’re like, What do you mean everything she’s like, you can use it for everything. You know, and she was very, you know, careful not to, you know, tread on the other FDA clearances for certain things, but a lot of providers use it for a lot of other things that are off label. And we had a chat offline. And so yeah, it really all kind of started with with that interview with penne, we were just Yeah, kind of taken aback by all the things that we we didn’t know amazing.


Dr. Chad Woolner: And so that led to then we got invited to the VIP party that Erchonia had hosted and that was that led to and it’s so funny for those. I guess I’m just out of my element at those types of events. Because music is just bumping. It’s like imagining a European discotheque. You know, with like, techno music just just bumping. And that’s when I Met Your Dad Charlie for the first time. And we proceeded to have this conversation of me yelling in his ear, trying some sort of like a conversation about it. Just ask him because he’s VP of the company and or VP of Marketing, correct. I mean, that says, yes, yes, roll. And so we just got talked to talking about marketing. And then one thing led to another in terms of like, Hey, do you guys have a podcast? And he’s like, No, we don’t have a podcast. And I’m like, well, we need to remedy that. And that night was when Andrew and I started kind of brainstorming and then we, you know, again, the rest is history as it goes. And so


Kristy Sammons: is doing my little tiny couch with I think it was with Dr. Berry. I love it.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Yeah, that was awesome. Yeah, that was that was a ton of fun. So


Aaron Shanks: the one with Brandon as well, Brandon and Trevor.


Dr. Chad Woolner: The if that was the late night episode, yes. Then that was


Dr. Andrew Wells: it. I was like, I was in bed ready to fall asleep. And I hear on my, on my hotel door and comes Trevor and Brandon, like, we’re going to do an episode. And they had been out that night, and they were having a good time. And we did episodes initiation.


Dr. Chad Woolner: That was fun one. So tell us a little bit more, Aaron. And we’re Kristy kind of some of the future plans with Erchonia right now. Because there’s some really, really exciting stuff that’s happening. Obviously, on the marketing side, and on the event side, and kind of how these worlds are coming together. There’s a new facility that’s being built. Just bring us up to speed and tell everybody kind of what’s happening. Future wise. Yeah,


Kristy Sammons: We’re relocating to South Carolina here in the next couple of months, and the facility is almost done. And we are all so excited to be able to share it with everyone. It’s beautiful, high-tech, and it’s going to be amazing. So we cannot wait for everyone to see that. We don’t have our open house/grand opening date planned as of yet, but we hope to have that soon. We are planning on doing a seminar in Greenville in December with Dr. Brandon and Dr. Kristen Highshatter. So hopefully, if you’re close in the area, you can make it out to that. I believe we’re also going to livestream that event as well. We don’t know if we’ll be able to host it at our new building yet; we’re hoping we can. So if you can’t make it out, hopefully, you’ll see it on camera.


Aaron Shanks: The only thing I was gonna say I’m really excited about this is you guys know, we’re trying to, you know, slowly make a break into the vet market with Erchonia. And it seems like finally, a lot of amazing things are happening. But one of which I actually got the pleasure of going out to was the Rhino 911 event with Michelle Burke, which I think you guys are actually going to do a podcast with her. But that event of basically being able to get our lasers into working with them through endangered species with rhinos and have seen what was going on out there. And now the fact that our lasers are being flown out there during that Rhino 911 project to be able to help them recover. And it’s been pretty incredible. I mean, again, when you’re out Erchonia, and this is just kind of your life day to day, you can’t really get that step back to see how far it’s really come. And when I was at that event, you’re seeing the stories, you’re seeing these facts really start understanding that not just in the human market, but you know, the power that these things can have with our animals as well has been pretty exciting. So and I just wanted to say one other thing is to know, I love your guys’ idea of the Miracle Mondays. Because, you know, for so long again, as we always have understood what our lasers have done, we hear the stories internally, but you know, as the marketing and the medical company, you have to be very careful with certain things you say and clearances, but we know what these things can really do. And to hear those stories from, you know, real people outside of our family in the company that, you know, while our lasers really are changing people’s lives and hearing some of these stories, especially for us to be able to look out and see what’s going on out there has been incredible. So thank you guys for doing those. They’ve been amazing.


Dr. Chad Woolner: No, absolutely. Yeah, no, I would 100% second exactly what you said there. You know, it’s one thing, I think that there’s a beautiful balance, we’ll call it that, that occurs when you look at all of the real kind of hard-level scientific research, right? Just very, you know, I don’t want to say black and white but, you know, just it’s highly scientific. It’s very academic. It’s, you know, and we want that and we need that. But there’s also again, a human element to it, that’s far more emotional or you can even say, artistic and just beautiful, you know, and those are the stories that we hear, you know, lives being impacted. And oftentimes, lives being impacted in ways that can’t fully be explained, can’t fully be quantified in a lab. You know, there’s just something about it, you know, the stories that we’re hearing from these practitioners, and I think people want to hear those types of stories they want to, you know, see the direct impact. And then that’s the exciting thing that, you know, it has been truly, and I hope people know this like as sincerely as I can say this, it has been such a privilege for Andrew and myself. I feel like we’re becoming experts by osmosis, you know, in terms of hearing, you know, truly like hearing from all the, we get the opportunity to be a part of this and get to talk with all these incredible people, both academically incredible but just amazing people, you know, just wonderful, wonderful people through and through you guys included in that it’s been so fun. Getting to just rub shoulders with you guys and connect with you. We I’ll tell you, I don’t think we have yet an episode where people like literally in the most authentic ways are not singing the praises of everybody in Erchonia, the culture with your company, the the the experts that you guys bring to the table, just the family culture and the fact that this is such a vision-driven organization and purpose-driven organization, and you look at both on the human side and exactly what you just said there, what a great cause to be involved with that Rhino 911 and so many other organizations and causes that you guys are also involved with it’s so how can you not be excited about this? It’s It’s incredible, absolutely incredible.


Aaron Shanks: It’s been amazing. And they are and you guys have been a blessing as well. I mean, because again, this podcast, getting that outreach of people, you know, because I hear this a lot now that even a lot of our doctors that own our lasers now referred to your guys’s podcast to have their patients go listen to them. They’re, you know, learn more about on hear from the stories yourself. You don’t have to take my word for it, you get 1000s of other doctors and patients that have all done this. So it’s been amazing to have you guys build this up with us as well. It’s been great.


Kristy Sammons: Well, that get injured. Yeah. Go lasered in if you don’t believe me, here’s a podcast go listen, all the stories and half my gym has listened to your pod


Aaron Shanks: on that one a few times to show up at the gym. And you’re kind of seeing that violet and that green, you go. Like what is that? Like? I’ll be telling you about it.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Yeah, it’s funny you say that because being in practice myself. That’s what I’ll do with my own patients, too, right? As I’m like, these lasers are amazing. And I could sit here and tell you for hours and hours and hours, but you probably don’t want me to sit here and Firehose you to death. And so rather than that, just go if you listen, I always like to listen to podcasts or like, yeah, of course, everybody listens to podcasts. Okay, well just look up the laser light show and start listening to it. They’re like, okay, and so it’s, it’s, it’s been fun for me. And it’s been a great resource for me too. Because it’s and again, the nice thing is, it’s not just me talking, it’s like, just listen to listen to these experts. Let them kind of share their experiences. So yeah, incredible. Absolutely incredible. So, Andrew, any final thoughts from you?


Dr. Andrew Wells: Yeah, we’re looking forward to however the either the business meeting or open house shapes up for the end of the year. We’re waiting to see what happens and looking forward to that event. And yeah, thanks, guys for being on. This is really fun for us. It’s nice to talk to the ones who were kids, and now we’re adults running the Erchonia company.


Aaron Shanks: Oh, that just added more stress when you said that.


Dr. Chad Woolner: The last question I have is because Kristy you have two kids, three kids, you have two girls, two girls, are they in the mailroom yet?


Kristy Shanks: Dell always counting down the days.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Okay, that’s going to be, I think, for me one of the coolest things to see. Right. Because when we start seeing are there grandkids working at our company at this point in time, or is yours? Are yours the first? Yeah, they’re our grandkids. Yeah, I think so. I think there’s one Yeah. But I mean, we hope for first. I think it’s as you get to be around the family all day long. I mean, what better way to go to work than to see all the people you love and care about? Does it add a little extra stress for sure, because you want to do your best but it’s awesome. You know, that’s so cool to hear. Because we hear so often like, Oh, don’t go into business with family and don’t work with family and this, that or the other. My personal experience is I’ve worked with family over the years off and on. And it’s been fantastic. And so it’s very wonderful and refreshing to hear and more importantly, see the fact that, you know, you guys have figured out a way to make that work and work very, very well. And so that should, that says a lot. It really, really does. So, anyhow,


Aaron Shanks: I want to plan for something. My boys are six and eight years old. We live only about an hour away from your new headquarters. So maybe when they get a little older, I can just like ship them down there for like,


Dr. Andrew Wells: a summer training camp.


Aaron Shanks: You gotta give them like the worst, most menial jobs.


Dr. Andrew Wells: That’s yeah. I remember specifically, I had to shrink wrap. And all I had to do was just cut the shrink wrap and the wires to a certain length. Like, well, how many you want me to do? I just want you to keep cutting those until we tell you to leave at the end. Sure I get yep, that’s all you got to do. Everybody’s got to start somewhere.


Dr. Chad Woolner: Erchonia internship, we’re opening up open Yes. For applications as we speak. So awesome. Well, Aaron, and Kristy, it has been an absolute pleasure. We appreciate you guys, for everything you do for us for Erchonia customers for Erchonia for everybody, we really do appreciate it and appreciate you guys being here on the show with us. And we hope for those listening, we hope that this has given you maybe just a little bit of a glimpse into what our coding is like behind the scenes and and what’s going on. And this is the company that you’re working with, if you’re a practitioner, or a patient like this is where the lasers come from. And and we hope that that instills within you a higher level of confidence and comfort and assurance knowing you’re in good hands with this company. It’s a great company, very much. Like Andrew said at the beginning of very, we’ll call it an Americana, you know, family-run company, everything that is good about this country is represented with this story here. So it’s a real incredible story. And it’s a privilege and honor. So thank you guys. We really really appreciate it. So for those listening, share this episode. Hopefully this has been incredibly valuable and we will talk to you all on the next episode. Have a good one.


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Aaron Shanks has been with the company for 15 years, starting from a young age he worked on sub-assembly parts for lasers and eventually became a full-time tech for EBS. As his skills developed at the company, so did Aaron’s interest with marketing and design. Now in marketing, he appreciates the incredible growth of the Erchonia company and the impact of the podcast, reflecting on the early days when the business operated out of homes and garages. 


Kristy Sammons, older sister to Aaron Shanks, follows a similar career path starting in the mailroom at 16. Despite finding tasks like stuffing mailers tedious and facing challenges, they eventually moved to shipping and repair, where working with her brother was enjoyable. Discovering a similar passion for marketing and events, Kristy now works as a trade show coordinator, discovering a passion for problem-solving and eventually taking over the entire division.


The Shank siblings express their excitement as Erchonia continues to grow and gain traction in differing medicinal spheres. Breaking into the veterinary market, and highlighting their involvement in the Rhino 911 event with Michelle Burke. They discuss the remarkable impact of Erchonia lasers on endangered species like rhinos, emphasizing the significance of extending their benefits beyond the human market. 

Key Takeaways:

Listen to siblings Aaron and Kristy Shank from the Erchonia family as they discuss their breakthrough in the market and Erchonia’s future hopes. 



“It helps when you’re passionate about what you do too. It’s something that you enjoy doing. So it comes a little easier than a job that you’re not necessarily passionate about.” -Kristy Sammons


“it’s just a classic, like American story, like, built out of a need. And now it’s you know, now it’s a worldwide company.” -Aaron Shank