– Keys for Provider Success –
Presented by Emerald Laser Experts

Wednesday, May 19th | 2-3pm

The team of experts have come together in round table to discuss the 1, 2, 3s of Emerald Laser success through research, implementation & marketing by Erchonia.  Our Research Team will take you through the scientific side of how Emerald was created.  With a passion for making clinics successful with proven technology, our Senior Clinical Director will guide you through the steps of countless successful clinics he has coached.  Most certainly, we will not leave out what drive’s patients to your doors.  Erchonia’s Marketing Specialist will bring to life ideas every provider will use and receive maximum benefit.

Join us to learn about…

  • The technology overview
  • 20 Years of research & clinical studies to create Emerald
  • Key differences with the Emerald Laser technology
  • Successful clinic setup
  • What qualities to look for in staff
  • Training & on-going support
  • Successful marketing strategies
  • Provider’s full access to Emerald marketing library
  • Ongoing national campaigns generating patients for you


About Erchonia
Erchonia Corporation was founded in 1996 as a small family business, and even though we’ve grown into an international enterprise, we still operate under the founding principles that guided us to our present success. Our commitment to the legitimate advancement of low-level laser therapy (3LT®) through scientific and clinical research has transformed Erchonia into a world leader in the field of LLLT technology. The integrity, diligence, quality and commitment of our company are evident in the rigorous process we follow in order to take a research hypothesis from concept to viable, agency-approved product and treatment method. To ensure a steadfast adherence to our unique all-encompassing approach, our company serves as manufacturer, marketer, developer, promoter, creator and user of all our products.

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